AppSmile: Funkyball Worlds Review

There are 24 levels worth of ball-rolling fun to be had in each of three environmentally-varied worlds (Forest, Desert, and Water), a total of 72 levels broken up by difficulty. Your goal is to get the ball from its starting position to the end goal as quickly as possible, as a timer tracks how long it takes to get there. There are stars to collect along the way which reduce your overall score by a second for each one you collect. Obstacles exist to hinder your trek, such as exploding mines, blowtorches, laser beams, disappearing platforms, and more. Various environmental factors also add a twist, as you'll compete against desert winds and the buoyancy of water. Upon completion of each level, you receive a gold, silver, or bronze star based on your speed and performance in reaching the goal. Proper utilization of momentum is key to landing the difficult platforms and setting record times.

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