Mass Effect 2 versus Mass Effect 1: HD Screen Shot Comparison

See this amazing screen shot comparison between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 1.

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THE MAX SPEED 213203d ago

it's official. Whoever said ME2 looked like ME1 just got OWNED.

lol they probably dont own a HD screen smh. Step yall game up

green3203d ago

The difference between the two is like night and day. 28th can't come soon enough.

toaster3203d ago

Dang! BioWare is pushing polygons again.

"The first game had a kind of a grainy look to it, so it’s a no brainer that who is winning here." There is an option to turn this off.. lol.

The screen of the environment for ME2 looks drawn though. I don't know why they used that instead of actual shots from the game.

Looking forward to another epic RPG from BioWare.

gaffyh3203d ago

Main difference looks like lighting, and slight changes to the models. Shepherds head looks unnaturally long in ME1, but it looks more normal in ME2, but in that pic I'm sure that the lighting is the main difference.

Also a lot smoother edges, but still not a huge jump in graphics as people will expect (which is why people say that @Max Speed). The main thing is that the game looked fine, even the first one, the problem was the loading in the elevators, and the texture pop in (which was a lot when I played before the HDD install option).

Though looking at these pics makes me really want to play the game asap, ME1, despite being a little menial in the side-quests, was a really fun game. Can't wait till January 28 (is it the same release date in EU?)!

joydestroy3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

wow. just amazing

edit: this game is gonna rock! so excited!!!

Traveler3203d ago

Huge difference. It looks gorgeous.

Blaster_Master3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Yeah, Mass Effect on the PC is gonna be gorgeous. Too bad my Rig could only play it on medium settings probably. 9800 GTX with a 2.4 hrz dual core. Id say not.

The Killer3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

in the graphics department it hasn't improved that much at all!!!

the only difference is the use of colors and i see the eyes looks a bit better on the ME2 and thats all!! in fact i see mass effect 1 first picture comparison to be more detailed than mass effect 2 except the eyes!

u all need to have faith in your eyes and leave the bias and expectations aside.

damn how can u say there is a huge difference?? are we even looking at the same pictures?


ME1 first pic skin color looks like chinese skin and ME2 looks like arnold in terminator 2 skin but both same quality right?? i mean both arnold and a chinese person can have the same quality of skin but different color RIGHT??

starchild3203d ago


You are an ultra fanboy, why would you think anybody would take your opinion seriously? You don't even own a 360.

The difference is very noticeable. It is so funny that you guys think you can see a huge difference between Uncharted and Uncharted 2, but you can't see the same difference that exist between Mass Effect 1 and 2. You can see it in the character models, the complexity and detail of the environments, the lighting and we have seen from videos that the pop-in and screen tearing seems to also have been fixed. It is a fairly significant difference.

MmaFanQc3203d ago

at least use pics from mass effect 2 that arent photoshoped, where is the aliasing in the images?

darthv723203d ago

A game sequel being compared to the original. It really shows how much effort went into creating the game.

I can understand doing comparisons of the same game on different platforms but when you start comparing different games on different platforms is when it gets ridiculous.

Valid comparisons-
forza 2 to forza 3, gears 1 to gears2, uncharted 1 to uncharted 2, mass effect 1 to mass effect 2, assasin creed 1 to assasin creed 2, bioshock 1 to bioshock 2, etc...

Cross platform:
darksiders, devil may cry 3, bayonetta, prototype, ghostbusters, batman AA, modern warfare 1&2, etc

Non valid comparisons:
uncharted-gears, halo-killzone, prototype-infamous, god of war-bayonetta, etc

thewhoopimen3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

With regards to the face: This time around, the team at Bioware has definitely improved the art style for character textures. I think looking at the wrinkles between the nose and mouth and around the chin you see more fine striations. While the textures of the face seem to improve overall, the actual polygon count on the characters doesn't seem to haven't increased.

However that being said, I do think Bioware was able to push more polygons this time around, specifically with the pseudo-jungle shot and the palm trees. Now if they could take out all those repeating two V-trees and actually use different trees that might be nice, but I suspect part of the answer to reducing load in this game is to try to creatively reuse the same assets. Was there a jungle planet in the first game? Probably not, but if there was that would be a better comparison.

Finally that cityscape comparison is retarded. When has ANYONE used concept art to do comparisons with in-game shots before? lol.

The effects shots look exactly the same. No difference. I wouldn't be able to tell a ME1 effect from an ME2 one.

If you ask my opinion and I am trying to be fair here, there is an improvement around the 10% threshold. That means it is noticeable, but not significant. For comparison, Uncharted 1 to 2 is closer to 30-40% difference (example: Uncharted 1's drake using 30k polygons, and in uc2 being reported to use 80k... Almost 3 times more polys but only 30% improvement in my eyes? Law of diminishing returns) I suspect most of the improvements with ME2 will lie in the framerates, loadtimes, texture pop-in and screen-tearing which will make for a much better gameplay experience.

ThanatosDMC3203d ago

I hope they make shotgun effects better i would love for my enemies to explode in gore like in Fallout 3... but it's fine if they dont. My Blood Dragon armor better still be legit when i get this game!

heroprotagonist3203d ago

It looks better without a doubt. Not much longer to wait...:)

shazui1233203d ago

and im really REALLY not trying to p*ss anyone off. I cba with infantile interweb fights of opinion. But are those screenshots from the game in development, I.E the pc version, or the 360 version? because I cant remember ME1 looking that, well you know.. Plus the textures in ME2, I thought, were a lot, lot better than that. This was being compared graphically to heavy rain...

taylork373203d ago

They said they used the 360 in the article.

hoops3203d ago

Sony fanboys said this. No one else.

mikeslemonade3202d ago

The difference between mass effect 1 and 2 is in the dialogue portion. The gameplay is still the same and that's the part they had the most issues in the first one. So I guess they cleaned up the gameplay technical issues and improved the dialogue portion. So the difference is not night and day. 360 is still maxed out this does not disapprove that.

However this is my favorite 360/PC exclusive, and i'm looking forward to playing it on 360.

gamer20103202d ago


The 360 is not maxed out any more than the ps3 is. Naughty Dog said they pushed the ps3 to its max, but that doesn't mean that with newer approaches and optimizations that developers won't be able to get more out of the ps3.

The 360 has actually never really had an engine push it to the limit, so it has a ton of untapped potential.

If you can't see the significant improvements from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2, you are blind.

mikeslemonade3202d ago

Nope, you're the blind one.

In another article Naughty Dog says they can get out more of the PS3. Maxed out can mean a few things. MEaning it's using all SPUs or not? The PS3 right now is not pushing all SPUs at once to the max.

On 360 the Halo 3 engine was made for the 360 and the game looked like crap.

starchild3202d ago

Halo 3 did not look like crap. But we will forgive you since you are a PS3 fanboy and don't have a clue what you are talking about. Now run along little boy.

mikeslemonade3202d ago

Resistance Fall of Man 1 which was a PS3 launch game looked better than Halo 3. That's the simple truth.

duplissi3202d ago

yeah, im gonna have to disagree with you there, halo 3 DID look like crap.... and only a fanboy would say otherwise.

on topic ME 2 does look better, but its not phenomenally better. its mostly the lighting that makes it look any different, although i will admit that the difference is bigger than with gears 1 and 2

before all you jump on me and call me a fanboy i will have you know that i have this game preordered and already paid off @ gamestop and it is easily my most anticipated game this year just ahead of heavy rain.

taylork373202d ago

Gran Turismo 4 looks bad if you compare it to today's game, and that is what you are doing. Halo 3 looked pretty damn good for when it came out, not to mention how they revolutionized the replay system of the game.

duplissi3202d ago

LOL what are you smoking? it looked average at best for 2007... or did you forget that mass effect, bioshock, uncharted, call of duty 4, ratchet and clank ftod, and heavenly sword all came out that year?, and all looked much better than halo 3

Solidus187-SCMilk3202d ago

that most the improvements are things you cant notice from pics.

Like smoother framerate and more natural, fluid combat.

This game is looking great. I cant wait to continue the story but Im wondering what will happen since I no longer have my ME1 save.

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N4PS3G3203d ago

Shepard's face got owned by Shepard's new face lol

Omega43203d ago

No texture pop-in is what really sets the two apart

unknownhero11233203d ago

from what I heard from people who went to CES, texture pop-in is virtually non-existant.


I got to play this game yesterday at the IGN uk event in London.
the texture pop in has improved a 100 fold. also the AA is a lot better.

Rob0g0rilla3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Who ever constructed this could of done a better job.

Why does that look like a PS2 game?

I'm sure ME2 will look better but they should of used better pictures for ME1. They look stretched out and blurry.

ThaGeNeCySt3203d ago

looks like they kept the "grain" filter on. I always turned off the grain filter... game looked better that way to me.

TheIneffableBob3203d ago

Looks like their capture setup for the 360 is screwy. Parts of the image are cropped off. They should've just used PC screenshots.

hakis863203d ago

Better skintone and lighting. Where are they pushing polygons? @toaster