Activision/Blizzard Survey Reveals Surprising ESRB Facts

Sarah writes:
"A recent survey by Activision/Blizzard is more promising, however. According to the poll taken by the major publisher, 75% of children are familiar with the ESRB, as are an overwhelming 82% of "parent gamers", which I guess means parents of gamers who are also gamers, not just parents of gamers. More than half of parents of gamers consider themselves to be gamers as well, a number that jumps to 83% for parents age 35 and younger. This only echoes the inevitable fact that in the next generation or so, video games are going to move into the mainstream, and will no longer be the ostracized scapegoat they're made out to be by irresponsible parents, lawyers, reporters, and older non-gamers. Also important is the fact that 70% of parents use the ESRB ratings when buying games for their families."

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