Fallen Earth: Second Graphical Update, New Screens

As part of the improvement to graphics in the MMORPG, Fallen Earth, developers have now introduced changes to the lighting and shadow effects of the game.

This follows another recent upgrade that improved the appearance of the plants and environment in Fallen Earth.

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Maticus3200d ago

It's looking much much better than it did when it launched.

Leord3200d ago

More developers should take inspiration from this.

Malfurion3200d ago

Shame about the actual gameplay, I find it a little boring. Which is sad, I was looking forward to it.

Dorjan3200d ago

Nothing special really

Fyzzu3200d ago

That looks a hell of a lot better. Actually makes me think of what the original Fallout would've looked like (characters, and so on) if it was in 3D instead of 2D, if that makes any sense - just in the way that everything's drawn and the graphical effects.

Corrwin3200d ago

Wow... better shadows.

Glad they're improving it, but when compared to the graphics upgrade Eve had a year back, it's small potatoes.

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