ARS: LEGO Universe Preview

ARS: NetDevil has nailed the LEGO feeling in its upcoming MMO LEGO Universe-you can tell from the character creation screen. You start with a minifig, and you get to choose the eyes, the mouth, different arms, and illustrations on the chest. As you move the pieces around, the arms and legs flail. In the screen where you choose which character to play, the other minifigs look hopeful, although they sometimes swat at the cursor. When you choose one to play, he or she celebrates, and the rest kick the ground, dejected.

"Everything is moderated," I'm told as we put our name in. We'll have a generic name until the name is given the thumbs up. The game is aimed at young boys, "but like LEGO itself, we're really shooting for kids of all ages," the representative outside the booth tells me. I begin to lope around the world with my newly created character, building things. In a game about Lego bricks, who exactly is the bad guy?

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