Bayonetta: Her Sex Is A Weapon

Edge: The boys are aghast. Male gamers the world over are totally tittering over Japan's latest heroine export, the titular lead of Bayonetta. A tall splash of water in a skin-tight suit and high heeled boots, she winks at the camera, dollops lollipops and taunts the boys with, "You want to touch me?"

Bayonetta is sexy, for sure. But what I read from the commentary is shame. People are shocked by the sexuality on display. Over at our review, you guys called the game "tasteless and embarrassing" (woods_man) and said, "You should be embarrassed about the way it portrays us and what sells to us" (Rob). Scott Jones, over at the Crispy Gamer boys' club, calls her "one of those terrifying videogame women designed to make heterosexual men feel terrible about themselves," though he never says why.

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Foliage3251d ago

This can't be serious.... it's a freaking cartoon character. Grow the Eff up!

Besides, Bayonetta is essentially Bullet Witch pretending to be Dante.

3251d ago