Edge: Understanding Comics

What's in a system update? Generally a few security tweaks, the odd bug fix, and a jaunty sprinkling of DRM. With software version 6.20, however, the PSP received an invite to Mega-City One and Spider-Man's Manhattan, as Sony launched its new Digital Comics service.

With its elegant 'AutoFlow' system, which imitates the way that a reader's eye moves through layouts of the original books, Sony's designers have built a viewing application that strikes a careful balance, preserving the sense of a comic as a physical object while squeezing its images and text on the confines of its screen. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Store already has a decent range of both classic series and more obscure offerings available, with more coming in every week. Take a browse at

Edge sat down with Sony product planning manager Mayumi Donovan and producer Adriana Eyzaguirre to discuss the origins of the service, the company's plans for its future - from DC to subscriptions - and how the spaces between panels inspired PSP's distinctive take on e-Reading.

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