PlayTm: Scott Steinberg: Desperation Play (part two)

In a strange, but relatively short-lived chapter of the company's history, toy manufacturing giant Hasbro acquires the Atari name and intellectual property assets from JTS in 1998 for a piddling 5 million USD. Determined to carve a niche in the burgeoning video game space, Hasbro forms an interactive division, which publishes 3D updates of classic franchises like Pong, Asteroids and Missile Command on PC, PlayStation and other console platforms. Although minor success comes with further acquisitions of popular game industry firms including MicroProse and Avalon Hill, the company's growth slows considerably by 1999. Later caught in the throes of the dot-com bust, the firm - along with all Atari trademarks and rights - is sold to veteran European software publishing outfit Infogrames in January 2001.

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