EU Playstation Blog: Heads-Up' PlayStation Store Update (14th January 2010)

Mike Kebby writes:

"Thanks to all for your feedback last week, there was some great work there indeed. Lots of you echoed sentiments that I personally share and it'll be interesting to see where this year takes us.

Last week's special offers continue for one more week (with a new batch coming on the 21st) so don't forget to check those out if you haven't already. We've gone a bit demo friendly this week with Vancouver 2010 and Inferno Pool for PS3, and Football Manager Handheld 2010 and Army of Two: The 40th Day for PSP available. This leads me nicely onto the fact that we'll also have the full game of 40th Day available this Friday too."

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Goeman3227d ago

Nothing of interest once again.

hay3227d ago

@above: Below average "this time".

Goeman3227d ago

Alright, it's not usually this dull but it's a shame when the best thing about the store update is the special offers.

execution173227d ago

the EU store always ends up getting the short end of the stick on PS store updates

mrv3213227d ago

Sony read you message and decided to chance their update.

It's rumoured that they will release 100,000 copies of PSN U.K for you to download.

thor3227d ago

Constructor is awesome though guys I have it on disk :)

hakis863227d ago

A little sad there's no AVP demo, maybe some other time :D

Jihad3226d ago

It's crap. I have money waiting to be spent on LBP content and there's nothing there at all. Poor show SCEE, we always get the shaft.

I don't want demos, I just want more games and things to play with.

Alvadr3226d ago

Wheres the next Dragon Age DLC.. Come on Bioware.. get your sh*t together. 360 has had it for 2 weeks.

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yoghurt3227d ago

Yer it's a shame we get such a poor FREE update with demos, videos, expansion packs EVERY WEEK

believe me, you crazy kids don't know how lucky you are!

execution173227d ago

i was comparing it to the NA store the amount of content is greater on the NA store compared to the EU store

Goeman3227d ago

If they want to sell stuff and make money they need to have something worth buying. Anything that's free on the update is meant to be an incentive to get you to part from you cash.

I'm glad the service exists but it's a slow week.

Lucreto3227d ago

Don't forget people that it is the start of the year and there has been no QA going on. Next week will be the same.

washingmachine3227d ago

why dont they put more psp games out on psn instead of listing the old stuff with lower prices,we all know you can get the umds for half pirce anyway. unless they dont think its worth putting more psp games out. again,nothing special

mushroomwig3227d ago

So much complaining, well I like this update.