Ubisoft: New Ghost Recon will be 'big blockbuster of 2010'

CC: It was featured in Ubisoft's third quarter 2009 fiscal update yesterday, and it looks like the next Ghost Recon game will be making an appearance this year.

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movements3201d ago

Big Blockbuster eh? Looking forward to it! bring it on Ubi...

mjolliffe3201d ago

Good luck trying to get more buzz than Modern Warfare 2 I say - It'll be a challenge to get a single-player campaign as good as MW2's, but the multiplayer shouldn't be a problem at all...

jjohan353201d ago

I was hoping for the next Rainbow Six...

solidt123201d ago

Yeah im hoping the next Rainbow Six is going to be big. I loved Rainbow Six Vegas 1.

WildArmed3201d ago

I love Ghost Recon games. Been waiting for a new for a LONG time now.

BattleAxe3200d ago

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm was my first ever online game, and I loved it. GRAW2 was super good too, so I can't wait for the next GR.

FFXI1013200d ago

I agree, I wish they'd talk about Rainbow, is been awhile since the release of last RB6 game.

I like GRAW, it's one of my favorite 3rd person shooter.(But I love Rainbow) MW2 is out already, BFBC2 is coming out this march, and even the next Ghost Recon is coming soon, WTH is next Rainbow Six?? I WANT IT!!

otherZinc3200d ago

I hope they're not trying to be like COD MW2, I beat MW2 & most of the spec ops missions 3 or 4 days after release & haven't played it since. I've played Ghost Recon games for months on end!

UBI please be yourself so we can have 16 player co-op once again!

EVILDEAD3603200d ago

GRAW 1 and 2..Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2..are still four of the best games this generation..period!

I absolutely can't wait for the next Ghost Recon..Ubisoft was pushing polygon miracles at the 360's launch..can't wait to see what the war vets come up with now

I love this year!!


Rob Hornecker3199d ago

As a huge fan of the Ghost recon/GRAW series I can't wait for this next one. I have said this many times ,that they have been what I use to judge any and all military 1st shooters by. The game play has always been top notch and NEVER a glitch fest like the CoD's have been.

I can't count the hours of play and many life long friends I met through playing Ghost Recon 2 and summit strike on the xbox. It was the type of game that seemed to bring a more sophiscaticated military shooter fan that enjoys teamwork above anything else. It rarely had a bunch of screaming,foul mouthed,smartazz,kids in a match.

BRAVO to Ubi of France!!!! Don't let us down!

To FFXI101: The Rainbow 6 series has been around for many years. Where GH/GRAW is more in open areas,rainbow 6 is more of a close quarters/urban type of situation. Both the Rainbow 6 vegas games can be found for under $20.00. But!!!!,as I said above about GH/GRAW you better like teamwork to truly enjoy them to there fullest. So if this type of game fits what you like to play....BUY THEM!!!! You will be glad you did and know you will be a fan for life!

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chewmystink3201d ago

Ghost crapcon, Boring. Next !!!!

execution173201d ago

i'm guessing you don't like the tactical stuff, well the ghost recon games are awesome because it actually takes skill to play it instead of running and gunning

TheXgamerLive3201d ago

I hope it's GRAW 3. 1 & 2 were some of my fav games of all time.

Disccordia3201d ago

I don't think it's a continuation of GRAW - Last time I checked they were calling it Ghost Recon 4: Predator. I guess they saw GRAW 1+2 as one title.

Rob Hornecker3199d ago

See my earlier post...I think you better stick to playing the Halo's. Ghost Recon may take to much patience,thinking ahead,and teamwork for a little guy like you to truly enjoy!!!!

Neither RSV or GH/GRAW are run and gun style games.If you try playing like that and YOU will get your AZZ handed to you in a heartbeat! Then you will end up hating it and posting garbage like you did on here.

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chak_3201d ago

as much as I love tactical games (I could have said loved actually, seeing how low tactical games are now), GRAW was nothing but a boring shooter

<insert here disagrees>

Please Ubi, bring back the old GR, DS and Thunder island, at the time they were so great.

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