IncGamers Column: Why EA Should Keep Backing Tiger

IncGamers' Andy Alderson looks at the Tiger Woods/EA Sports controversy and argues that the publisher should maintain its support for the shamed golfer.

From the article:

"And so when news emerged yesterday that EA was polling (although not in the same way Tiger was) to find out if the controversy would adversely affect EA Sports brand, yet again I found myself spending a morning desperately trying to think of golf-related sexual innuendo. In the end "finding himself deep in some rough" was the best I could muster, although I was very close to crafting something involving "shaft", "wood" and Tiger's dire need to clean his balls."

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Maticus3197d ago

Yeah, people have done worse things. But he's lost credibility - does EA really still want him facing their games? I'd be surprised to see a new game with a beaming Tiger on the front cover.

Maddens Raiders3197d ago

he's the symbol of virility, greatness, and tragedy in a sport friendly to know one, and is the best. in. the. world. at. it. Put him on the cover as an inspiration to all men who suck at golf but cheat on their wives.

Fyzzu3197d ago

Fair point. I'd actually forgotten about most of their other cover stars.

That said, none of their cover stars have been involved in a scandal *quite* so recently, have they? I imagine public opinion isn't as against them now as it once was.

AndyA3197d ago

Exactly, so EA could ditch him now and then sign a new deal with him once this has all died down, thus negating the point completely.

Maticus3197d ago

If he ever recovers from this scandal, there's no reason not to get him back. But because there's been so much fuss over whether or not EA should still be backing him, I can't imagine them taking him back if they were to let him go.

Dorjan3197d ago

It is always a mixed bag with these things isn't it. "role-model" is often thrown into the fray from people who want him gone...

Feral Gamer3197d ago

It wouldn't be so bad if Tiger didn't have 15 mistresses. That's sad. I can see maybe screwing up once, but not that many times...

3197d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.