Heavy Rain vs Alan Wake: Video Compares Both Games

A video by an internet user compares Heavy Rain with Alan Wake. Which one of these upcoming and anticipated games will win the race?

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THE MAX SPEED 213200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

why do they keep putting these two games in those comparison as if they fit in the same category of games?

Wake is Survival Horror with a Different Twist on the Story telling like the main presentation which is a TV show/Episodic Format.

Heavy rain is so different from Wake. Only game that could fit in the same Category as Heavy Rain is Shenmue because they both share the same type of gameplay which involves Dynamic QTE scenes ,adventure and research.

like the guy said ,I dont understand why they keep comparing the two.
and yes We dont have to Debate over this , Graphically HR as the edge because it's a PS3 exclusive.

both are Great games and will Shape 2010 to be a Great Year.

moneybuyseverything3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

The two games are nothing alike. One is largely a QTE game with interactive story gameplay/cutscens and the other is a full blown action game with traditional gameplay. I think this is from that shady German site that is clearly Pro Sony/PS3. The one that does all kinds of shady comparisons with multi plats.

The only thing to compare Heavy Rain with, is it's own little brother Indigo Prophecy.

"Graphically HR as the edge because it's a PS3 exclusive"

I disagree with your graphics opinion. I think the overall graphics in Alan Wake has more natural photo realism and lighting plus it being an actual traditional game versus Heavy being largely cutscene with options.

thereapersson3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

lol @ thinking the only sites that do shady comparisons are pro-Sony

Anyway, I don't get why these two games are compared either. The game play isn't even the same, for f*ck's sake! I want to know what just makes these two so oft compared other than the fact that they are two major exclusive titles on each respective console?

This generation is full of idiots.


looks like you're the only one around here who is getting offended. Then again, I called you out on your nonsense, so I wouldn't expect a fanboy of your caliber to sit by and take it on the chin. In fact, your posting style is highly reminiscent of Why Dis / We Won, etc., a known individual who throws a tantrum and becomes butthurt whenever someone points out his obvious shortcomings.

Keep those disagrees rolling in with your multiple accounts!

*wink* :)

moneybuyseverything3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Who in the hell said every site is pro Sony? LOL

How do you have so many bubbles saying such moronic belligerent sh*t? What is the world coming to when somebody can't say anything without offending some retard as If they were personally attacking that person.

WTF? Do I know you? Did I own you somewhere? What's with your misplaced aggression and angry? You might want to talk to somebody about that. Perhaps I offended another Persona?


Anyways the site once again is pushing and reaching these two games should not be compared.

One is a next-gen western Silent hill type and the other a Next-gen Indigo Prophecy.

SolidAhmed3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

i would buy them both :)
beside they are really different in every way, why just why they do compare them.... mmmm... maybethey need some buzz + some fan-boys comments they would have some noise lol

Corrwin3200d ago

Normally I'd agree with that statement. PS3 exclusives have shown t be subjectively much better looking than 360 exclusives. I say subjective, because they are exclusives it's impossible to objectively compare beyond boring technical details.

But I think HR has the edge because it isn't a typical 3rd person game. From what I've seen it plays more like a 3D point and click, like The Longest Journey. Limited camera range, and environments means you can boost the visuals regardless of platform.

thereapersson3200d ago

You can still control your character in a 3D space when you are not interacting with the game's QTE elements. It's not really a static affair, where you just choose the next option in the story. There will be multiple paths and endings, as well as character-specific situations. The developers also stated that even if one character dies, it will still be possible to continue playing the game. The outcome will be different, but you will not lose that seamless continuity that would be lost should the game simply end at a particular point in time.

It's the next evolution of integrated cinematic storytelling, and I'm really excited to see how they manage to deliver the finished product.

moneybuyseverything3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Heavy Rain is a next gen Indigo Prophecy. It's not comparable to 99% of games. It's a point and click game with pre-rendered video and copy and pasted environments. Hit disagree go ahead, we know how that proves who is right and who is wrong on N4Gs a site full of PS3 fans. We all know that German site reaches for things that are not there and stretches the truth.

thereapersson3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

So if someone disagrees with your OPINION, they are automatically wrong and a PS3 fanboy?


LtSkittles3200d ago

MBE Maybe, you should think about what you're going to say, because you don't need to edit your comment 15 times.

moneybuyseverything3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

A game with point and click Pre-rendered video with partial freedom and a Action game with some open world gameplay should not be compared. It's reaching trying to put these games against each other. He wants to compare them so he feels good about a Sony's match up that isn't there. Yes I remember when they compared Forza 3 and Forza 2 with cherry-picked screenshots trying to make Forza 2 look better than Forza 3. And I remember the Forza 3 vs NFSs and Forza 3 vs GT5p.

I also remember when they post COD MWF2 comparison pics they got from other sites and posted the 360 version as the PS3 version and the PS3 version as the 360 version. They got caught by the source(Lense of truth)


The game's action is QTE and the game's environments are static.

thereapersson3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )


I don't know why we are even arguing here! These two games should not be compared! End of the damn story... sheesh

I remember when Gametrailers got busted for showing footage of the PS3 version of GRID in place of the 360 version, and then claiming it to be the 360 version. I don't know how sites think they can get away with this sh1t and expect to retain any credibility.

Well, at least Gametrailers have made it easy on themselves by losing all credibility long ago...

edit: @ ThatCanadianGuy

Don't even try to bring up the freedom of movement here, because you'll just earn a ton of disagrees from people who can't realize that fact. Nevermind that it has been stated many times before, and even demonstrated in videos like the one you have posted that you do, in fact, have more control over your character than in any standard "point-and-click" adventure.

ThatCanadianGuy3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Considering all Heavy Rain footage is running by the in-game engine, it's quite flattering you say it looks as good as pre-rendered video.

Even tho it's all real time gameplay.Just take a look at this video.

You control the character at all times, you move around, choose where to go, what to do etc.

Of course, you would know that if you knew anything about the game.
lol.. it's always funny to watch POG working damage control.He just fails everytime

Edit @ Above: I know i shouldn't even bother, but..meh.It's always good for a laugh watching 'You know who' get all frustrated lol.
So far were getting about 1 disagree a minute..hmm..about the same time it would take to sign in & out with a dupe account..

Edit @ POG
LMFAO! A wiki link to the definition of pre-rendering? Durrr..
As i already said, Heavy Rain doesn't do pre-rendering.Please, just for laughs, show me a video of pre-rendering in Heavy Rain.

Pistolero3200d ago

...especially considering that it is a much more open game with real action gameplay...instead of fixed camera angles and quick time events.

RadientFlux3200d ago

Honesty it's unfair to compare two unreleased games together. Both titles are promising and are from developers with good track records.

There are also unknowns about both games, that may make a direct comparison unfair (ie if one game is more open-world then the other, how many characters are rendered on the screen at a single time).

OmarJA-N4G3200d ago

I'll pick up Heavy Rain any day...

Alan Wake looks nice but nothing special, to me it looks like a mix between Silent Hill & Alone in the Dark.

sack_boi3200d ago

One is a "point and click" the other is an "action/adventure" game, the graphics comparison isn't fair.
You should compare Alan Wake's graphics to Infamous.

SaberEdge3200d ago

I agree, Sackboi. The graphical demands put on a game like Alan Wake are very different than in a game like Heavy Rain. For that reason they aren't directly comparable.

Death24943200d ago

Look at the screen shots he provides in his video. A guy mentioned alan wake looks better because it was open world. WTF!? Don't get me wrong Alan Wake look very d*mn good, for a 360 game. Once again everything in the world is really shiny, because of overexagerated HDR lighting. This is in no way the fault of 360 hardware, but who knew wood could be that shiny. Heavy Rain has it too. But come on people, how can you honestly say AW looks better than HR? People just come to accept that ps3 exclusives have the EDGE(kit) lol no pun intended.

Traveler3200d ago

I don't see what you are talking about. Alan Wake doesn't look shiny to me. They both look good to me.

Information Minister3199d ago


Maybe you didn't get the memo, but Alan Wake isn't a sandbox/open world game anymore. If anything, it should be compared to Uncharted. You know Uncharted, right?... The game Xbox fanboys like to pretend doesn't exist?

darthv723199d ago

these types of comparisons are no longer valid (to me at least). I only look at comparisons that are the same game on different platforms (ie bayonetta, darksiders, etc) or ones that are sequels on the same platform (me1 & 2, uc1 & 2).

These single platform release comparisons are nothing more than fuel to a flaim bait fire.

Both can be good in their own right. Leave it at that.

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jmare3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Comparing HR and AW because they are dark and "Story driven" is like comparing Halo 3 and R&C because they are both colorful and you shoot things.

EDIT: Disagree Fairy, where are you? Please tell me what offended you. I need to know, really.

Nicaragua3200d ago

Its probably because you mentioned Halo without explicitly stating that its like the most superest bestest game ever - not that it is but thats the mentality.

Death24943200d ago

not really a comparison. Alan wake is being rushed my MS and is now looking like a Silent Hill game. Not that that's a bad thing but i thought it would want to set itself apart. If Story is the reason these to are being comparted then you're going to get more of the story from HR because you dont have to worry about killing some guys afraid of light to advance the story.' But the story behind Alan Wake is really, really nice.

thereapersson3200d ago

Why do you keep posting that? You know as well as I do that the 360 has plenty of games to play. I don't get it... maybe you can PM me to explain it further?

Wrathman3200d ago

already proved wrong.nice try typify the ps3 in denial.

the ps3 has fun

she00win993200d ago

it a very effective way of pissing an xbots such as yourself....

by the way, 360 has no games ;)

3200d ago
Pistolero3200d ago

Everybody can act stupid like that.

exnihilonihilfit3199d ago

But this is just getting old. Please come up with something new. If you're going to comment, say something relevant to the conversation than just the same thing over and over. You sound just a desperate as the Xbox fans who compare random games that have nothing to do with one another in hopes that they convince someone that the game on their system is better.

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Corrwin3200d ago

Alan Wake - An Adventure in the vein of Alone in the Dark (hopefully a bit better)


Heavy Rain - A modern, open-ended take on the Point & Click adventure?!

Why not compare Doom with The Secret of Monkey Island whilst you're at it!?

thereapersson3200d ago

it's completely pointless to compare these two titles, and anyone doing so is just wasting time and causing a ruckus amongst the fanboy community.

Makes no sense to even put these two games up against one another

bilbobob3199d ago

probably compare Doom to every other FPS going when it comes down to it. This thread has cheered up my pretty dull day. Thanks to all involved.

darkequitus3200d ago

Well, I for one will be getting both. :)
Yes they are both dark, but that is as close as they get to each other. I will not need to compare, just enjoy.

mrmikew20183200d ago

I will be getting both as well, this whole comparison thing is played out. Just buy both and enjoy it.