UserCreated: Great Mods that became Great Games

UserCreated writes: "The mods of today might just turn out to be the great games of tomorrow. Somewhere out there among the armies of modders creating new and exciting things for us to play lie tomorrow's game designers. Modders are an incredibly dedicated set of folk, driven by the love of games and the determination to make something new and interesting. The rest of us lucky folk get to sit back and play their efforts and it doesn't even cost us a penny. That's why mods are an important pillar of PC gaming, and it's one of the reasons we love mods so much here at UserCreated.

So to celebrate I've listed three great modern games that started out as mods and ended up making it big. I've only selected three to avoid this post becoming catastrophically huge, but there are many, many more examples I could have listed. Venture below the jump for a comedy screenshot and many words besides."

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