G4TV: Is The Book Of Eli Really Fallout 3: The Movie?

G4TV writes: "Denzel Washington's The Book of Eli comes out this Friday, and we're all obviously excited by the prospect of Denzel kicking ass and/or taking names in a post apocalyptic wasteland. But take a look at the Book of Eli trailer..."

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ASSASSYN 36o3289d ago

I was laughing at the thought of this right up until..."Book of Eli was written by Gary Whitta, a former editor of PC Gamer magazine, and was a behind writer on Duke Nukem Forever, Prey, and Gears of War, so the gaming influence is bound to be an integral part of The Book of Eli."

Yeah...oh yeah. Definitely Fallout influenced things in this movie.

vhero3289d ago

yeah fallout influenced movie though not the fallout movie.

Cyrus3653289d ago

I thought Fallout to me, was kinda of influenced by the Mad Max Movies..

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