Has BioWare Dethroned Square Enix?

Jason Marshall of the writes: For many years now, Square-Enix the creators of the world famous Final Fantasy series have been developing RPG's that have made them one of the most acclaimed gaming brands of all time. Being a fan of Square-Enix, it seems like over the years the quality of their titles have somewhat diminished and this is due to the gameplay of their titles lacking any real gameplay enhancements. Now when it comes to BioWare, there games have always been able to deliver various styles of RPG gameplay and every game they've developed has given players choice on how they want the storyline to play out. With Final Fantasy 13 being already released in Japan and it receiving a mixed bag of reviews, one must wonder if Square- Enix have lost their ways and that BioWare should now be considered the new king of the RPG genre.

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Agent Smith3201d ago

They never had their ways. Squaresoft had the talent, but all that talent and money left, which left Square poor and forced them to merge with Enix.

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Chris3993201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Bioware and Bethesda are top of their class. Funny thing is that their games haven't really changed much since the Neverwinter Nights/ Elder Scrolls days, but they've refined their scripts quite masterfully.

They're basically 3rd and 1st person shooters with RPG mechanics; which is why they appeal to the West. I prefer Bioware's storytelling as it's more cinematic, whereas Bethesda leaves it up to the the player to decipher and experience the plot.

But if we're comparing apples to apples, or JRPGs to JRPGs (though it's tough to actually call Final Fantasy a true, traditional JRPG anymore), I'd vote for Level-5 or Mistwalker.

MadMan003198d ago

No, that's the difference between WRPG and JRPG...JRPG doesn't need to change there ways to look more like a WRPG...Freaking idiots at Bioware are being so bias. AND TBH Oblivion and Dragon doesn't have THAT much change so they seriously have no room to talk...And at least were glitch free and don't have terrible graphics.

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