Worldwide Weekly Hardware Sales Breakdown for Week Ending June 10th, 2007

With weekly data for the week ending June 10th, 2007 now available for all regions, VGChartz collect it all together to compile a weekly summary of worldwide hardware sales and a breakdown by region. The data is given in the table below.

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TheMART4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Ah that'll silence the Sony fanboys that were shouting that the 360 outsold the PS3 in USA, but the PS3 would outsell the 360 in Europe...

Look at the numbers now dudes!

360 PS3
"North America 57692 14927
Japan 2637 9449
Total Others 28275 18675"

Thus, 360 outsells the PS3 in USA 4:1, with about 45k extra
In Japan, the PS3 does the same, but the actual sales are just 7k more.
In Europe/other area's, the 360 outsells the PS3 by about 30%, 10k over the PS3.

World wide, the 360 sells about double the amount of PS3's.

OUCH OUCH OUCH it must hurt. And stop saying we have to wait. The PS3 is getting slaughtered and it won't get any better with Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Too Human etc. on its way!


Even funnier, in UK, originally a Playstation nation, the 360 outsold the PS3 by 3:1. My God. The PS3 is doing really, really bad.

Xi4233d ago

but if VG charts is any sort of indication, it shows the 360 leading in europe, which most sony fans thought the exact opposite, still kinda hard to believe.

NextGen24Gamer4233d ago

As any official way to track sales...but I have to agree with TheMart. According to VG charts....the Wii is kicking everyone's butts and the 360 is easily kicking the ps3's butt in regards to Hardware sales.

Now in regards to software sales...the 360 is kicking everyone's butt. And isn't that what gaming is about anyway? Games? Interesting indeed...but I still don't trush VG charts. If anything, I think that the 360's lead is even greater than VG charts reports. I have followed that site for a while and its always been heavily pro Japan.

texism4233d ago

TheFart you never ever say anything worth listening to

Marriot VP4233d ago

nobody likes to hear bad news

toughNAME4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago ) come the excuses

holy crap....i thought the PS3 was doing good in the UK?

Xi4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

wait till e3
wait till home
wait till mgs4
wait till ff 13
wait till...

BIadestarX4233d ago

I actually thought the PS3 was doing great in Europe... but by the look of things... they are also screwed there.

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The story is too old to be commented.