Move Over Sega CD, Here Comes Project Natal

Project Natal will be coming in the holiday season of 2010. Will it prove to be a success for Microsoft, or will it go the way of Sega CD? Even though Sega's brain child did sell, it didn't appeal to the masses as they hoped. Blade206 and DCI come together and give their opinion on why Natal will actually share the same fate as Sega CD.

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Agent Smith3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

That's true. I think the N64 had some piece of crap you attach to the bottom of the console so it'd have more power or something like that. Didn't turn out well.

Oh yeah, N64DD, Nintendo's finest hour, lol.

Godmars2903201d ago

And lets not forget the SNES add-on that turned into the PS1.

I'm sure Nintendo laughed about that one for a while...

FamilyGuy3201d ago

I'm fairly certain that Natal will be successful if not only because of the marketing campaign that will come with it. It will be supported, it will be accepted, and those two things alone will make it "successful".

I don't consider it "innovative" AT ALL, but will it flop? I highly doubt it, M$ would really have to "screw the pooch" to mess this one up even though taking the processor out of the camera was a step in "that" direction. :/

SaiyanFury3201d ago

I'm forced to disagree with some people here. I know the SEGA CD didn't do very well sales-wise, but it did have some truly landmark games. In the platforming front, it has Sonic CD, arguably the best game ever released in the series. It also had a few amazing RPGs that are still being remade even today. Lunar: Silver Star was released 18 years ago, and to this day at least 2 remakes have been made in the guise of the PS1 remake by post-SEGA CD publisher Working Designs (God rest their soul), and the upcoming PSP version. As well, Lunar: Eternal Blue was released back in '94 and is widely regarded as the better of the two. Also it was remade by it's North American parent publisher on PS1 as Lunar 2: Eternal Blue and as such, remains one of my favourite PS1 releases. Also, leave us not forget the single Shining Force title on the platform, Shining Force CD. A great entry into the series that ultimately saw little attention.

These are just a few of the great titles offered on a system labeled a failure by most. As I said above, the system may not have sold well, but it had some really kickass games. If Natal can deliver some great games, then why condemn it? Shyte, I've been a Sony man since 1996, but I won't condemn MS for exploring a new area of gaming. If it works, then more power to them. :)

darthv723200d ago

I am one who actually liked the sega cd. It had the same gfx as the genesis so no real benefit there but the audio was sweet. Obviously because of the redbook cd. Thing is, people tend to forget that the pc engine/turbografx had cd before sega and it turned out really well for them (at least in jp). The issue with the sega cd became a one trick pony: "full motion video".

That seemed to be the go to filler on the games when they ran out of creative content. Only a few games actually used the systems abilities of graphical manipulation (think mode 7) and yet there was more that it was capable to do. Actually, there is one game that did benefit from the space on the disc. Oddly it was final fight. The snes version was ok when it came out but it lacked many frames of animation. Most likely due to cartridge space limitations.

The sega cd was frame for fram arcade perfect. Only thing different was the color pallet was not as deep because of limited colors on screen. Other than that the game was dead on arcade. FMV and not enough creativity in using the space on the disc is what doomed the sega cd to add on hell history.

Some may want to classify natal as the same thing. True to a point that it is an add on. The abilities of the natal could reach potential provided developers use the tools MS gives them. With Ms and their ways of enforcing standards in their games leads me to think they could effectivly enforce mandatory natal support (of some type) into all current and future games.

As with any add on, it will only do as well as the parent company supports it. This brings me back to the pc engine and why the cd worked for them. NEC/Hudson were the primary players in that and they essentially made the cd format work because it was all they really had. I must say though, they saw past the limitations by introducing the arcade card. It expanded the cd abilities with more internal memory and allowed games like art of fighting and fatal fury to play excellent on an 8bit system. It did the classic neo geo proud even if it was to a smaller niche audience.

MS can make natal a success where as sega made the cd an after thought. Sega didnt push the cd tech at the time mostly because of their success with the genesis and third parties. MS is riding high on third party support and natal is along for the ride.

EVILDEAD3603200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

My prediction of every site that has ever had a negative 360 article will spend the next 8-9 months spinning the negative Reach and Natal articles over and over and over..

We had 3 in the last 3 days and the count will be over a 100 by the end of the year..

Natal negative spin tactic # 1:

Compare it to any add-on or peripheral that has failed in any generation of gaming.

This time Sega CD..not even in the same ballpark..I owned a Sega CD..R.I.P. 'Night Trap'..

Nice try though..whats next..32X?

Micosoft is not stupid.if they feel the software solution was ging to destroy the innovation of the tech then they wouldn't have called it a software solution.

So all of the supposed lag reports..the reports that the games will be severely gimped..when only a few demos that are still possible...

How was actual people playing Burnout Paradise a marketing mistake when it actually happened? If they come out with a racing game that still eclipses anything on Wii graphically and is designed to take advantage of what Natal the family racing and pit stop demo then why is that a failure?

Nope it's fact..if they show at least 3 or 4 major go-to games then Natal will simply sell through the roof.

What will they blog then?

Are still over 3 quarters of a year early..anything can happen


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LordMarius3201d ago

well one thing has change since then and that is we now have bots: mindless sheep who bend over and take whatever MS throws out

How is that Wifi add on still $100?

BYE3201d ago

Men need buttons to press. It's in our nature.

bujasem_893201d ago

that my friend is an AWESome comments bubbles for u xD

NMC20073201d ago

I'm not going to read this but will respond based off the title of the thread or article or whatever.

For Natal to go the way of Sega Cd, 2 things have to happen.

1. Microsoft has to lose all of it's money and suddenly struggle with their Xbox endeavor, not saying Sega lost all it's money from Sega Cd, but I am saying that they couldn't afford to keep the disaster going, actually, to compare Sega to MS is just about the stupidest thing to be done so far in 2010.

2. Natal has to have basically 0 support, they have lots of support for Natal but even if they only had Capcom's support they would already be more successful than Sega CD.

Now I know this is basically about the possible failure of Natal but I don't think MS will let it fail, they won't give up on Natal, just look at MS in Japan, I would have walked outta there after year 1 but they are still there, so no, Natal won't fail, but I am not sure if it will be a success either, it will probably just exist along side the 360 like a sidekick.

Now, I am not sure if I am replying correctly to the article but if not feel free to let me know, actually, I am sure someone will let me know.

Godmars2903201d ago

You forgot #3: all the launch titles are crap, and far too many later games get any better.

If Natal or Wand games aren't any better than Wii carnival games their bubbles are going to burst the next day.

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