1UP - Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Impressions

1UP Writes:

"It was therefore a pleasant surprise when I discovered FFXIII runs just as smoothly on 360 as it does on PS3. It's a brisk, action-packed RPG with tons happening on the screen at any given time (and the series' requisite flashy visuals cranked up to full throttle), yet I didn't see a hint of slowdown or choppiness or screen tearing or any of the other visual hiccups that serve as hallmarks of a sloppy port. Admittedly, I didn't see the two versions running side-by-side -- the bus set them apart with a looping trailer dividing the kiosks -- but I honestly saw no tangible difference from my time with the PS3 version."

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Blaze9293292d ago

"FFXIII runs just as smoothly on 360 as it does on PS3. It's a brisk, action-packed RPG with tons happening on the screen at any given time, yet I didn't see a hint of slowdown or choppiness or screen tearing or any of the other visual hiccups that serve as hallmarks of a sloppy port"

Still gonna buy the PS3 version though imo.

blue7xx73292d ago

Yeah that's good to hear that the xbox 360 version will be identical to the ps3 version and not be a crappy port. But yeah Im with you I will most likley go with the ps3 version.

Dev8 ing3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Identical except for the fact that the PS3 version will have better sound (uncompressed audio) and better picture (1080p cutscenes). Oh yeah and then there's also the multiple disks.

Government Cheese3292d ago

I guarantee you wouldn't be able to hear differences in the audio unless you had an extremely high end surround sound system. If that is the case, then get the PS3 version and put it to good use.

3292d ago
AKNAA3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Didn't one article say that so much things got removed from FF13 to the point where they could of made another game out of it?!
which just makes me assume this is the only reason why the 360 runs equally as good...

JokesOnYou3292d ago

Too bad I'm not a jrpg fan, for some reason I just can't get into them. I'm really trying to convince myself to check this one out though, but I don't want to regret it. Tried SO4 and didn't see what the hype was about, just bored me to sleep.


Strikepackage Bravo3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

the 360 version run as good as the PS3 version?

It's not the 360 that has trouble running ported code, you can do whatever you want on PS3 and not have to worry about the 360 not being able to handle it. Its when you start on 360 and try and port it to PS3 that you run into problems with PS3 not being able to handle certain things that could be done on 360.

This is why the whole "PS3 is more powerful" thing is bull crap. It actually comes down to the developer, time, and the budget, those are the things that mke PS3 games look great, not the "Cell". *RHE*

XDF3292d ago

They can play an almost identical port and have a Great JRPG to their collection.

Thank you Square Enix.

bioshock12213292d ago

I agree with governmentchesse most people wont notice the difference between the sound as for the ps3 version at 1080p and the xbox 360 version at 720p??? That was never confirmed by square enix they just said the audio was gonna be compressed. If thats true please provide a link. Becasue I tried to google it and found no evidence to support your claim Dev8 they only say the audio would be compressed never once do they mention what you said.

jackdoe3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

FMV takes 20 gb in the PS3 version. That is obviously going to be compressed for the 360 version. By how much is debatable. But the only ones who should care if there are differences between the versions should not in the first place (those with both consoles).

Gotta love those stealth 360 fanboys! You want a fvcking link, here it is:

Essentially what I have been saying. Compressed audio and FMV in the 360 version to fit within 21 gb of space (assuming 3 disks).

starchild3292d ago

@ Strikepackage Bravo

You are exactly right, the idea that the PS3 is more powerful is a myth.
There are 2 games on the PS3 currently that one could argue look better than the better looking games on the 360: Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2.

The rest of the exclusives PS3 fans claim look better? Pure nonsense.

The more powerful console shouldn't have worse looking multiplatform games 90% of the time. It should also be able to show its superiority on all exclusives, not just a couple. Most PS3 exclusives look like any other average or pretty good looking 360 game.

Also, don't you think that after all these years there would be at least one multi-platform developer that would be able to create a game that looked better on the PS3? There isn't one. About the best you get is a game that looks equally as good on the PS3.

The Xbox was more powerful last generation and it showed it consistently with better looking multi-platform games and consistently better looking exclusives. Nobody needed to make excuses for it.

Sony has tried hard this generation to sell the idea that the PS3 is more powerful, and if it weren't for the talent of Naughty Dog and Guerrilla, as well as the fanaticism of many PS3 supporters, that idea wouldn't have had an ounce of traction.

starchild3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Double post. I don't know why it did that.

Immortal Kaim3292d ago

Great news, though I will still be getting the game on PS3. Don't know why, I'm just a little pedantic about my gaming collection, have all the other FF's on playstation consoles. Good for 360 only owners though, enjoy.

nnotdead3292d ago

burnout paradise says hi.

BYE3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

The only problem with this version is the disc changing.

Feels like the 90s.

Simon_Brezhnev3292d ago

Im not surprised blazed found this. Even if there is a difference in graphics do you really think the U.S. media will point it out?

CWMR3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

-Hey nnotdead, you are wrong about that. Go read the comparisons. In graphics both versions of Burnout Paradise were equal.

For reference, here is what Digital Foundry said:

"Put simply, this is the first truly 'next-gen' game that truly is 99.9 percent identical across both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; the first title I've looked at for these features that raises the bar technically on both formats, offering the complete, full-fat experience, nothing added, nothing taken away."

Blaze9293292d ago

Yeah becuase the U.S. media are all apart of a conspiracy to stay pro-360.

MUNKYPOO3292d ago

of course the 360 port will look just as good. look how much experience they had developing for the 360 compared to the ps3 this year

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thewhoopimen3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Your arguments have been reiterated over and over in past posts by yourselves and your stealthboy counterparts. It has been rebutted plenty of times, and proven how little you understand the time and the money it takes to migrate to a new platform. So here's a FAQ for you arses.

Do most third party studios have the budget to port platforms? NO. Where are most games developed on? PC workstations.
Which platform is the easiest to code for considering where this code comes from? 360 b/c it uses conventional code as PC programming.
Which platform is easiest to port to from a PC workstation? 360.
Does that mean 360 is the most powerful because it can take PC workstation code that the PS3 games use? NO, because that is general code.

What type of programming is required to utilize the PS3's SPUs? Custom Coded Assembly.
Was there SPU coding tools prior to the intro of the PS3 in 2006? No.
When did the Edge Tools for SPU usage release? After 2007
Do most multiplatform games use this SPU coding? NO.
Why not? Studios too lazy to learn it. Monetary or time constraints.
Does Square Enix's Crystal Tools use SPUs coding? NO.
Does this prove that the 360 is the same as the PS3 in computing power? No because SPU coding is not taken into consideration.

With all the positive advantages on hand for the 360 why are the PS3 1st party games that are shown to surpass 360 titles? Because with custom coding, the PS3 hardware is showing it has more muscle power.

This is probably going to fall on deaf ears and I will most likely be reading another one of these nonsense posts, but it take only ONE game, gentleman/ladies, ONE game to prove if one system is more powerful than the other. Case in point Crysis for the PC. For consoles, KZ2 (not UC2). The 360 is 1 year more mature. It is apparent that MS has improved on what it can already. I am not afraid to admit that 360 has advantages with online gaming. But a one year headstart still hasn't shown any graphical advantages on the 360. With games in 2007 looking the same as they are in 2009, it is pretty safe to say that the 360 is roughly tapped graphically. The improvements are miniscule now. The same can't be said for the differences from PS3 2007 games and 2009 games. There are NO MORE GAME PUBLICATIONS that claim the 360 is more powerful any longer. Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your 2006 thinking.

Give up already with the multiplat arguments as a comparison. There isn't one.

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Greywulf3292d ago Show
thewhoopimen3292d ago

While I can agree there are games with better texture work than MGS4, I cannot agree that most 360 games have surpassed that title. Have you seen how many locales that game covers and how well it avoids using repeating stacked boxes or empty offices like *cough* Fear 2 *cough*.

MGS Rising... i'd like to see what they can fit into one 8 gb disc given its predecessor uses at least 13gb just on game assets excluding CG.

FamilyGuy3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

The Saboteur?

And please don't challenge inFamous, that game looks phenomenal and you can explode every car on the street without a drop in frame rate.

No one really expected the 360 version of FF13 to look crappy anyways. The 360 is "easier to develop for and port to" it's been out longer and is more familiar and SE have made what four games for it already to learn from their past mistakes.

Consoldtobots3292d ago

how is this surprising when the game had to have enough content removed to make A WHOLE NOTHER GAME just to make it run on the 360?

el zorro3292d ago Show
Hudahudahuda3292d ago

I don't really care what fanboys think.

360 is just weaker in my eyes, I don't really see anything as good as Uncharted 1 on 360. That game from 2007 has wayyy more color, texture detail, animation quality then GOW. I think simple enemies in UC1 looked better than main characters on gears.

aaronisbla3292d ago Show
AAACE53292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I don't get what all the fuss is about this games graphics and such! I downloaded this video and it pretty much looks good to me. The internet videos look kinda crappy either way. But why are so many people concerned with this?

(This is not a bash) People who say the Ps3 has better sound are right... but to an extent, the sound is unbalanced. While I was playing MGS 4, I noticed I had to keep turning the sound up and down because the voices would be kind of low and the music, explosions and gunfire would be too loud! I noticed some of the same stuff in uncharted 2, but it seemed like they worked on the balance a bit.

For those of you looking to try to attach me to a fanboy tag... the Ps3 has better sound than the 360.

Either way, people will buy the game and probably love it, so is it really necessary for all the comparisons. Or are most of you hoping the game does bad on 360 just to prove a point?

vhero3292d ago

No doubt N4g will be plagued with comparison articles around launch date for this game though fake ones aswell making 360 look better and vice versa.

morganfell3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Yes they are very similar because the PS3 version was crippled in size due to the Xbox 360's last generation storage medium coupled with no dedicated HDD. Better JRPGs through greed.

First GTA4 and now this. I love getting downsized games because the 360 was not designed to evolve.

Versus FTW.

Microsoft Xbox 3603292d ago

The 360 was always capable of running PS3 ports.

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likedamaster3292d ago

I'd say reconsider. FFXIII's English voiceovers are some of the best of ANY RPG I've heard. I was ready to cringe and count it out as another pretty FF title until I saw the trailer. Truly unique with top notch voice-acting.

Getting 360 version.

SaberEdge3292d ago

Blaming the 360 is a cop out. If there is anything wrong with Final Fantasy XIII in terms of its scale or linearity it is solely the fault of Square-Enix. If Elder Scrolls 4, which is absolutely massive and non-linear, can fit on one DVD there is no reason at all that Final Fantasy XIII would have to be compromised.

I am quite certain that the way Final Fantasy XIII is is simply a matter of what Square wanted to do with the game.

bnaked3292d ago

lol you will see the difference in FFvs13..

iforgotmylogin3292d ago

yea vs 13 will make the difference. ff13 will show what happens when a game is held back by a lower powered console and vs will show what it looks like unleashed

starchild3292d ago

@ thewhoopimen

I absolutely guarantee you that I am not Strikepackage Bravo. We might have posted similar opinions, but I can assure you we are not the same person.

Anyway, the main point I want to take up with you is your idea that all it takes is one game to prove the power of a console. And what I have to say is that you are right and you arewrong at the same time. Any game clearly shows that that console is powerful enough to run THAT game, because obviously it IS running it. It doesn't, however, say anything at all about whether any other console could run that game or create graphics of equal beauty.

Think of it like this: when Gears of War came out it was considered by many to be the best looking game on consoles. Now, clearly we could say that it proved the power of the 360 only in the sense that it proved the 360 could do THOSE graphics. It didn't prove, on the other hand, that the PS3 was incapable of those graphics just because we hadn't seen them thus far on the PS3. Indeed, we did later see graphics similar to those on the PS3. We just had to wait a little longer. It wouldn't have been fair to say that as soon as Gears of War came out and 11 months had passed that PS3 is incapable of those graphics.

And that is what some of you guys are trying to do now. You are trying to freeze time and stop it at a point when the PS3 gained the upper hand with Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2. You want to pretend that much better looking games are not being made for the 360 (and for that matter the PS3) and trying to proclaim the PS3 the final and perpetual winner based on two games (one that came out 11 months ago and another that barely came out 2 or 3 months ago).

Making graphically advanced games takes time and not much time has passed since those two games came out. I know for a fact that some of the games coming for the 360 will easily give those two aforementioned games a real run for their money. Alan Wake, SC Conviction and Halo Reach all look like they will either be very close or will surpass those two games. Not to mention the very real possibility that we will likely be seeing a new Gears of War 3 sometime in the not too distant future and with the rumored improvements to the core engine tech that Epic has been working on it could also be a game that challenges the best.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

of cores it runs perfectly, wait till you see the comparison, ps3 gamers will be very disappointed in what they witness. as my sources have already made one.

and there still is the finished result that is to be examined too.

lolz, at ps3 gamers with their attempts, trying so hard to distort inevitability :)

thesummerofgeorge3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

They cut out an entire games worth of content, specifically so it COULD run smoothly on the 360...
I wonder how smooth the game they intended to make would have run on the little exclusive killer.

ThanatosDMC3292d ago

Check out AKNAA's link at 1.5. I wonder why so much game content was cut out? They did say there wont be a dlc... storage limits?

peppeaccardo3292d ago

It turns out there once were many more labyrinthine paths and dungeons in Final Fantasy XIII, but they got cut. An interview (in Japanese) over at FF-Reunion with art director Isamu Kamikokuryou ("No you!" to his friends) has him saying that the team removed enough extra locations from the title to make up a whole other game entirely.

Sections cut include a secret base for Snow's hero squad, a character's home that included a park, and even a zoo inside one of the game's amusement park areas. This is all more impressive when you consider that Square Enix is expecting to need three DVDs to hold everything that's still in the Xbox 360 version of the game. But FFXIII completists, don't worry too much -- we're sure some of that content will appear sometime during the game's 10-year cycle.

boodybandit3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

What do you consider high end?

^That is my starting point but here is my reality since I myself own 4 individual sound systems that range from what "I" consider entry level to high end. Although my high end system is entry level high end.

All of my sound systems are capable of True DD and DTS HD audio. You can get a decent quality TRUE HD audio receiver for $500 (example: Pioneer VSX 1019AH-K). That isn't a lot of money. Again I don't know what you consider high end but you can piece together a system for under $1k (refurbished units are you friends) and be able to hear the differences on most games.

Now I'm not saying what the level of difference is but there is discrete audible differences. Especially with your sub output.

GiantEnemyCrab3292d ago

I knew the fanboy zealots would gravitate twords that content removed from FF article and turn it into the 360 gimped it. What a load of BS, games often end up with a ton of content deleted in order to make the game flow.

Now, I'm not saying that content might of been cut to work with the number of discs but at the same time I think it's crap to say that it most certainly was the case.

MS wants FFXIII on their platform and if SE wanted to make the game 10 discs they could and I'm sure MS would make concessions.

I'm glad to hear the game is the same on both and I figured that it would be.

The Maxx3292d ago

Don't games on a Blu-ray disc have a tendancy to have repeated data for the game to load a lot faster? Is it possible that most of the downsizing with the 360 version is just the dupe files that the PS3 needed? Also the amount of files that would have been mandatory installed in the PS3 wouldn't have to be done with the 360.

Just some questions, no big deal. I just don't see why a game that fits on a 50 gig Blu-ray disc would be "dumbed down" to fit on 3 DVD 9's. PS3 games that come out later that are on the 360 have a tendancy to have "extra" content added ie. Star Ocean 4. So why would the content be deleted on the PS3 version?

As far as I am aware, some of the voice overs were taken out of the 360 version...not that big of a deal if you understand English and the game is in English. I don't need 3 different languages if I just need to understand 1.

The files removed for the 360 version will not change or hamper the game. It's still going to be the same game. I wish people would just stop complaining thinking that the PS3 version has altered in anyway to accomodate the 360. If you really believe that, then please supply the proof of what content was removed from the PS3 version that was going to be in the game before it was announced that it was coming to the 360.

The Happy Baby3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Ya'll should praise Square for bringing an equally awesome experience to both consoles.


or you can fight it out like fanboys. sometimes thats more fun i guess.

Elven63292d ago

To everyone claiming it is identical because content was cut from the PS3 version. HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE? Enough missions, side quests, towns, etc to make a entire game from WOULD NOT have a effect on technical performance UNLESS they do things that are performance heavy such as new animations for instance.

Claims that the game is bad now solely because of the Xbox 360 other than the DVD issue are simply baseless fanboy fodder.

JsonHenry3292d ago

Anyone that knows me knows I prefer my 360 over my PS3 any day. HOWEVER.. I am getting this for the PS3. I don't even really like FF games. But I have not tried one since FF8, so I figure maybe it is time to see if I have changed my mind on the whole JRPG style game.

The only JRPG game I have ever played and actually finished was XenoGears for the PS1.

DMason3291d ago

This will be the first multiplatform game that I'll be buying for the PS3. Only because I've always played my Final Fantasy's on the Playstation.

-EvoAnubis-3291d ago

It's easier to port down than to port up. Example, take a hi-res picture and make it smaller. Still looks good, right? Now take a low-res picture and try to make it bigger. Looks like crap, right?

Same difference.

Sub4Dis3291d ago

just to throw another spin on this and the differences. i originally had planned to get the ps3 version, but after seeing this article i'll be getting it for 360 for one specific reason that will not apply to most of you. I video cap. and one thing the 360 can do that ps3 unquestionably can output 2 forms of audio simultaneously. meaning that i can video capture in stereo while still playing the game in full surround. ps3 cannot do this. if i want to video cap, i HAVE to set the ps3 to output in stereo making my optical audio cable worthless.

and now that i know there's no discernible difference in video quality, it's almost a no-brainer....for me

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ActionBastard3292d ago

That read like some kid explaining why GoBots are "as good" as Transformers. No, Leader-1 is not as cool as Optimus Prime.

DelbertGrady3292d ago

Are Transformers your favorite toys?

evrfighter3292d ago


someone that ignorant can not be a transformer's fan. I bet he has a full collection of the cabbage patch kids though.

Consoldtobots3292d ago

actually mentioning the go-bots proves he's been around longer than you.

rakunado3292d ago

ZOMG... go-bots! Never thought someone would bring that one up! hahaha good times...

All i can say is... Bumblebee pwns Scooter.

I can picture 2 kids now arguing over which toy is cooler... the one who transforms into an f15 that is the size of a matchbox car, or the kid holding that massive truck with a trailer, and plastic weapons to go along with it. Yep argue all you want... the casual observer would know what is better by just looking at both. Or better comparison, Leader 1 vs Starscream! hahaha.

That said, now picture two people comparing which game is better when everything is the same, except... one game has 3 discs and the other has only 1. Should be obvious to even the most casual customer. Simple as that. 1 disc is better than 3 discs.

P.S. If you are a fan of machine men. I apologize for my biased stereotypical comparison. :P

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iron_sheik3292d ago

and will have compressed audio and video
even worse

the x360 version will have
-CGI movie scenes running at 720p only as opposed to 1080p on PS3
-The ps3 version will have additional languages besides English -all one one disc
-The x360 version wont have several additional features as the ps3 version

only an insane person will get the x360 version

also a lot of material from FF13 has been cut to compensate for the dumbed down x360 version which takes up 4 DVDs already

Trebius3292d ago

Well of course after removing 60Hours worth of towns and side quests, ON TOP of reducing the Poly count on the characters, of COURSE it's going to run on the 360.

The way the game was ORIGINALLY planned...the ORIGINAL VISION if you will...was NOT to cut out 60 hours worth of sh!t.

Keep dreaming Xbot fangirls...

360 RUINED this game.

Dev8 ing3292d ago

We'll see when Versus gets released if XIII was gimped by the 360. If versus has twice the content of xiii then yeah it was gimped. A lot of people are saying that versus is going to be the real FFXIII. I don't know if it will but I will be playing both.

Narutone663292d ago

run smoothly after they've remove contents equal to a new game from the original version. No wonder the PS3 version was delayed to be gimp so that content could fit into a last-gen optical drive with multiple discs.

TheBlackSmoke3292d ago

How much you wanna bet that the open world part of the game only begins at the point when you insert the final disc on the 360 version.

Nice one Microsoft.....

starchild3292d ago

And when Versus comes out and looks no better and has no more content than FFXII what are you guys going to say? You won't be able to blame anything on the 360 then.

But for now, go on lying to yourselves.

chrisulloa3292d ago

So no one's heard of lossless compression huh? Oh, just retarded PS3 fanboys?

DigitalHorror813292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I'm happy that the 360 Final Fantasy runs as well as the PS3 counterpart, but still, I have to wonder if it was dumbed down to do so.

commodore643292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I honestly wonder why none of the above ps3 fanboys who assert that the ps3 version *must have* been gimped due to the 360 hardware never apply the same argument to AAA titles like Bayonetta?

If said argument had any merit, then wouldn't we be justified in saying that the 360 version of Bayonetta had to be dumbed down to approxmately match the PS3 version which just wasn't cutting it?

What about Ghostbusters?
Did the 360 version get held back to match the the ps3 version which wasn't cutting it?

What about Tekken6?
Did the 360 version get held back to match the PS3 version which was forced to run at a lower resolution?

That's exactly the same logic, yet we don't hear it from you guys?
How Come?

Funnily enough, FFXIII development was lead on ps3, yet the 360 easily matches it.
Yet, we still hear the sob stories... unbelievable.

Is it all just sour grapes?

Darrius Cole3292d ago

PS3 fans make the argument that developing a game for the 360 prevents the game from being what it could be if it were developed solely for the PS3. To be up front I share that view. The second part of that argument is that developing games for the PS3 DOES NOT HOLD BACK THE 360 VERSION from being all that it could be. In either case the PS3 version is the one that gets gimped.

If a game that was originally envisioned for PS3 comes to 360, the advantages of the PS3 are not used. You get something similar to what appears to have happened with FFXIII. We get reports huge chunks of the game being deleted. We get screenshots showing reduced visuals. The game NEVER looks on par with PS3 exclusive titles that know they'll never be 360. By the time the evidence comes out it clear that game doesn't live up to it original PS3 vision.

If a game that was originally envisioned for 360 comes to PS3, the advantages of the 360 get used anyway. You get something similar to what happened with Bayonetta. In fact, Bayonetta is a perfect example. You get reports that the 360 version uses the unique advantages the 360 hardware. The 360 vision gets realized. At the same time we get reports that the PS3 version is gimped from the 360 version.

Another example worth looking at is Dante's Inferno. Clearly the makers of that game envisioned God of War when they made it. They clearly intended it to be the best multi-platform God of War clone they could possibly make. Yet God of War III is a huge graphical leap above Dante's Inferno. Why doesn't Dante's Inferno look as good as God of War III? EA clearly envisioned meant to clone GOW in every respect, why did they stop short of their vision. Why didn't they make it look like God of War III and then port it 360?

360-based games always get made to their true vision with no compromises and the PS3 gets nerfed port of that vision. PS3-based games get gimped from their original vision and then released in a form that runs equally well on both platforms.

frjoethesecond3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

So flac files are as small as wma's and mp3's now are they? Last I checked lossless audio was 4-6 times the size of mp3's compressed.

Totally agree. Ps3 to 360 for multiplats is the way to go, as demonstrated by mirrors edge and assasins creed 2. Almost identical between platforms.

heroprotagonist3292d ago

Mirror's Edge still had less screen tearing, better anti-aliasing and better frame rate on the 360. I compared both versions myself-- my friend's copy to my gamefly copy--and the 360 version was better.

Also, Assassin's Creed 2 was also found to be better on the 360. But it was better than the first Assassin's Creed, which was much worse on the PS3.

Major_Tom3292d ago

There's no such thing as lossless compression, lol.

ChrisW3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

FF is loosing popularity anyways. Square knows this and must also release FFXIII on the Xbox360 to make anywhere near the number of sales its predecessors made. For them it's about quantity, NOT quality.

If they really cared about quality, they'd exclusively release it on the PS3!

Oh, also let's not forget that Western countries are the new leaders in RPGs!


HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! NO, PS FOR LIFE. 4 DVD LOL

Narutone663291d ago

your brain had too much clueless compression.

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iron_sheik3292d ago

-on 4 DVD discs
-only 1 language -English
-compressed audio and video
-CGI ingame movie at 720p only
-alot of additional contents cut off to fit on DVDs

you have to be insane to buy a dumbed down version on x360

mesh13292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

hahah i love theps3 fans and n4g tbh ,at 1st i was annoyed with the misinformation of them saying the ps3 is a great console nah its boring fact! but i realizes what they SONY DEFENCE FORCE SET OUT TO DO HAS BACKFIRED ,80% of real consumers all know about sonyfanboys and their attitude and will never by a ps3 to be associating with delusional sony fans . maybe they are mentally ill people as how can u stay on a site for 6 years arguing over something u have no say on(gaming console) mental issues for sure.
people already know gamtrailers,neogaf,n4g are controlled by sony defence force we all know so keep talking ur garbage uncharted 2 best graphics aye ? hahaha when is it that amazing animation which uncharted 2 has equate to amazing graphics(in the minds of journalist that get payed to eat donuts and ps3fanboysnot to mention the cartoon(hand drawn texture make uncharted 2). so many muliplat and 360 exclusive look better than uncharted 2/killzone 2 just deal with it.