The Vagina Effect: Portrayals of Women in Games

Tonight Bitmob wiggled sticks and pressed buttons. Onscreen, a raven-haired Amazon pirouetted through a mind-boggling routine of strikes, feints, and lascivious pouts while demolishing hordes of angels and demons. After finishing the final demon with a special move that disintegrated her clothing from her person and morphed into a giant dragon, she licked a lollipop and winked at the screen. Just a few years ago they could dismiss this as just silly fun, but now they are not so sure.

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Kratos Spartan3252d ago

No one wants to watch ugly. Having attractive qualities can hold a persons attention. This is not my opinion, but this is the world today, emphasis on "America"

Disgusting? Not my call. There is that saying "easy on the eyes"

3252d ago