GameDaily: Fixing Tony Hawk

GameDaily writes: "Tony Hawk: Ride was a disaster. Despite the attempt to innovate its ten-year old sports series, Activision failed to deliver. The gameplay was either too easy or too difficult to manage, the slick looking peripheral was poorly designed for amateur players, the graphics and audio are worse than previous Tony Hawk releases, there's no one in the online lobby (save for Hawk himself) and the price, still around $100, is too high."

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Bigpappy3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

After Natal was introduced at E3, this game followed right behind it. It just seemed to lack any type of appeal after seeing the video of the kid scanning in his own skate board. I know you guys don't like the media, but you need them to get the word out in the gaming business.

Neversoft should have seen this lack of excitement and hold it back until they found something that would excite. T.Hawk was convinced he could sell this by showing fans how much he loved the game. Like many other celebrities, he over estimated his power over his fan base.

3202d ago