How killing people with my Dad improved our relationship

A 34 year old gamer tells the story of how virtually killing people with his father in titles such as Battlefield 2142 has improved their relationship with one another. He states there's nothing quite so humiliating in a game than being knifed by your Dad. Gaming can bring people together of course, but it can also drive people apart if you become too addicted and neglect the ones you love as a result.

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sjappie4734d ago

I used to drive my dad crazy with the sound of explosions and gunfire when I still lived with my parents.

calderra4734d ago

I remember back in the day when my dad and I would play Mario semi-competitively, trying to see who could get to the highest level in one life and such.

sak5004734d ago

Me and my dad played Leaderboard golf on amiga500. It used to be quite fun.