Beefjack : Top Five NES RPGs Still Worth Playing

BeefJack writes: Now before we dig in here let me say a few things. First this list is not meant to be comprehensive, or exhaustive; it is simply a list of my opinions. Games are a unique medium in that unlike other media, they can sometimes become too outdated to enjoy. When writing this list I tried to focus on NES era RPGs that had stood the test of time.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 NES RPGs Still Worth Playing.

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Cyrus3653201d ago

All of them classics...I personally liked Mother...

Kratos Spartan3201d ago

I was so young when it came out. I remember trying to play it, but it was just confusing, probably because of my age. But I tried!

Theendguy3201d ago

I wish they would have just released the GBA remake of Mother 1 & 2 in the US. I imported a copy and it was just great; Such an under appreciated gem.

3201d ago