2009 Video Games to Avoid - Buyer Beware

Associatedcontent: Everyone is aware of the nation's current economic condition. Therefore when we can save money on something, it's very important to do so and spread the word! Here is my top ten list of video games you can definitely save your money on!

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rroded3197d ago

And the #1 Game to Save Your Money On Is... Tony Hawk Ride

beyond suckage

tho the 50 cent one is pretty fun gameplays tight tho its crass and very poorly written.

saint_john_paul_ii3196d ago

the 50 cent game isnt so bad. its actually pretty good and comical.

Redempteur3196d ago

i don't get this list ....

the reason he dislike bionic comando is beyond me ... this is a bad game period ... multiplayer is empty , solo player is no fun ...
the fact that it's a spiderman game wannabe is not important lol

artistadam3197d ago

this game shouldn't be on this list... i had a blast with it... one of the most underrated games of 2009, IMO...

rroded3197d ago

n pretty glad i did sp only took a few hours n the way they had the side missions set up was totally stupid jus took ya right out of the imersion imo

the online was pretty weak 2 tho building up your guys n taking them online was ok.

artistadam3197d ago

online did suck, only played it once... but, controlling rackets and using the black-hand to threaten owners was pretty cool... the gunplay worked, nothing special but, effective... hiring and maintaining your crew was pretty fun as well... there was a lot of things this game did well...

but, most people like yourself tend to focus on the minor problems like a crappy MP, or how easy it was to beat... it still had some depth and really, it's worth a rental or a cheap purchase... it wasn't just another sandbox city game like so many are... it implemented a newer wrinkle in the sandbox style of games with the don's view...

i don't know, i'm sure my opinion means nothing... i just thought this game was better than what most reviewers and gaming sites claim...

rroded3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

not saying it was all bad either but like i said the way they set up the side missions was terrible. Running around finding all those peeps with those stupid little markers over their heads zzzzzzzzz

the driving was pretty poor too n like you said its way short and online bites not a lot ta commend a game on really. But some people are easily satisfied eh. :)

edit if you like open world try saints row 2 that game way fun all round n a bit less glitchy too.

artistadam3197d ago

i played and liked saints row 2, and i am currently playing the saboteur, which is another good sandbox city game... but like i said, just because i liked godfather II doesn't mean others should too... i was just stating my case as to why i don't think it should be on that list...

there were far more games that sucked last year than the godfather II...

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Double Toasted3196d ago

...gave 2 dislikes about one game saying it was boring and very short. I don't know about you but if a game is boring I'm happy that its short...the end.

FwanK3196d ago

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

iceman063196d ago

must have been so completely forgettable that they forgot to include it in the worst games of the year!!!*L* Too bad because the classic Leisure Suit Larry games were quite fun...not just crass!!!

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