Halo Reach to have customizable armor in Multiplayer writes, "This February's issue of Game Informer has the world exclusive on what the majority of humanity has dubbed the biggest game of 2010. The exclusive article covers alot in regards to Reach's single player campaign but the mention of Bungie's new armor abilities crossing into multiplayer is rather interesting news. It is the first sign of in-depth user customization in a Halo game. Could Bungie have taken notes from BioShock, Call of Duty and others adding customizable elements into their shooters?

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Bigpappy3199d ago

I wonder if the armore will have special in game qualities with trade-offs likke they had in RB6. That would be a big change for Halo.

JokesOnYou3199d ago

Now you're just teasing me. Halo Reach just keeps getting better and better the more I hear about it.


cryymoar3199d ago

"Could Bungie have taken notes from BioShock, Call of Duty and others adding customizable elements into their shooters?"

If so, i better see some points being taken off for "not bringing anything new to the table."

captain-obvious3199d ago

i knew it the second i saw that skull painted on that guy's armor in some pic
im pumped up for this game
that only thing that i didn't like is
it looks like it's less colorful than the previous installments

Morbid Bulldozer3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

<If so, i better see some points being taken off for "not bringing anything new to the table.>

Or what? You'll cry and tell your babysitter?

el zorro3199d ago

Sounds awesome. I can't wait.

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Another One3199d ago

Well more customization would be the logical step. It's gotten more and more customizable throughout the series. Looking forward to seeing how far they actually go with it.

AKNAA3199d ago

Didn't they have customizable armor in...Lol.. that 360 exclusive Ninja blade, with all those funky, bright,ugly a$$ neon coloured, colour options for your character?!

Halo reach multiplayer is gonna definitely be a rainbow-tastic battle!

Another One3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Well it's certainly a break from the dull gray and blacks of every other shooter that people consider great looking. Why are people so against a game having color?

ilikecookies3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

agreed 2.2....I say to hell with shooters that have no color! (some are good, just doesn't need to be gray like every other shooter, and that's one thing I love about Halo.

3199d ago
Another One3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Yeah they toned it down a tad, but there's still going to be more color than the recent trend in shooters. Halo will always be that way.

That screenshot is pretty dull. Did you see the girl's armor though? The blue. And the shot of the grunt in Game Informer in completely purple armor. Yeah, still pretty bright.


some people are funny... I love how halo gets called generic by the fanboys, then it gets blasted for having a lot of colour.. and then they say it should be toned down to look more like... wait for it... all the other generic shooters.

I personally was not happy when they toned down the colour from halo 1 to halo 2, but thats just me.

from what i have seen they have the right balance with Reach and good. I don't want it look all grey like killzone 2 or gears of war. halo is halo. If it's bright colours hurt your eyes or your worried about it blinding you, don't play it !

mastiffchild3198d ago

Darkwitness-it isn't just with Halo mate-they want EVERY game to be the same don't they?

KZ2 got stick for, wait for it, not controlling like COD, there's constant calls for remakes of old games we all played a thousand damn times(yes, you FF7-I love youbut I'd much raher have somethimng truly new as EVERYONE would complain that too much changed anyway should they make it!)-the fatc is gamers today, often, want comfort gaming. Look at COD since COD4:it's the same basic game three years running with the odd added onle mode and storylines that go downhill with every release. They might as welll have just issued some new maps and player skins for me every year if they weren't going to improve the online numbers, get dedicated servers or truly push forwards in any way yet everyone still buys it and loves it(which is fine even if I don't share their joy).

Then , as you saw with KZ2(and a lot of gamnes which try to forge a little of their own ID as I recall many COD players finding the switch to a game with a longer learning curve(WArhawk in this instance)too much to bear so the game had to be "broken" in some way.)opeople want every game to be like one they already played as they don't want, can't be bothered to learn anything new and all that will happen is games beco,me more alike as devs realise they can be as lazy as they like.

Naurally it' not everyone and I',m not suggesting anyone in this thread feels either like that or feels that the colours in Halo are to do with wanting it more generic(a lot of people think, rightly, you can have some realism WITH some colour for instance and may just think that Halo is slightly too bright and hence the tonka toy critiques-I jut like it cos it's their own look and it lets you know immediately where the games from)but just think it can be TOO bright and by the looks of it Bungie might also think that in true HD the trad Halo colour palette may grate a few too many but they won't los it's identity, not imo anyway.

I do worry though, that there's a lot of gamers who've lost the will to learn or even play new things and for a hobbyu with so many difdferemnt things to offer that's sad but you only have to look at the number of FPS this gen to see there could be an issue with people wanting more and more of the same sort of thing at the expense of all round variety and quality-and we've had so many helmetted heroes,or the alternative skin headed , gruff Space Marine types that no wonder we'll need more online customisation!


very true man, very true... it's not just halo, or killzone.. it's really just gamers today.

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swiftshot933199d ago

This sounds cool, like a perk system with a Halo twist. Or maybe like the armor in Crysis? Either way it'll be awesome.

Hopefully they dont make it too complicated and different, what I do want though is a bunch of more and new vehicles, cause Halo vehicles are so damn fun.

mesh13199d ago

damn just think how this will be implemented by bungie its goin to be amazing.

awesomeperson3199d ago

Woo! Now I'm looking forward to this game, customizable power ranger suits! Day 1 buy for me for sure...

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