Compenion: The laptop from 2015

Compenion is a sleek concept laptop designed by Felix Schmidberger. It certainly looks like the kind of portable PC we might be carrying around in 2015, made more futuristic by its OLED touchscreen, which serves as...

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ben hates you4737d ago

i hope its out before 2015

FeralPhoenix4736d ago

If they really could see the future like I can....then they would know that laptops in 2015 will be holographic projections that will come standard on everyday items such as wrist watches and sun shades. uhm, hold on wait, wait I'm getting another one of my visions again [insert special effects & bad acting]..................

Azurite4736d ago

Personally I'd rather press keys on a keyboard than something completely flat.

ben hates you4736d ago

i'm sure it has usb ports, so you connect your, but i like the idea for keyboard i imagine you could personalize it to some degree