RPGFan's Games of 2009 Awards

RPGFan writes:

"2009 was a great year for RPGs as there was plenty of quality titles available. As such, we've got plenty of winners for every category of RPG as well as for every console or handheld system on the market.

Many RPGFan editors also took the opportunity to come up with their own personal Top 5 as well as any other personal awards they wanted to dish out.

We hope you enjoy the results of our labor."

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Finalfantasykid3197d ago

Thats a crazy expansive list they have there.

I wish Demon's Souls would have won(Logically it should have since DS beat DA:O on PS3 => DS > DA:O, and yet DA:O won GOTY). But alas, I have not played Dragon Age, so I guess I can't really object to that.

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