IGN Editorial: 3D is the New Waggle

With all the talk of 3D last week at CES in Las Vegas, nobody would blame you if you thought you entered a time warp to the early 1950s, when Hollywood was abuzz over movies like Bwana Devil and House of Wax. After decades of ridicule, 3D is back – big time. Vastly improved technology has certainly helped 3D's serious resurgence. The 3D effects in the billion-grossing Avatar are lightyears ahead of the nausea-inducing rollercoaster ride of 1953's Man in the Dark, much less the flying shark teeth in 1983's Jaws 3-D. And now, for better or worse, the videogame industry seems to be catching the bug.

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tunaks13201d ago

this is such a poorly written article.
Really 3D is the new waggle???
common really, you get paid to write this garbage.
IGN please stick to game reviews
the state of IGN is critical. The whole site's quality is on the decline

GameTrailers are only reviewers left that I actually take seriously.

-Alpha3201d ago

Just wondering. If that doesn't change your opinion of GT then hats off to your commitment!

tunaks13201d ago

I dont have to agree with everything they do, but for the most part they help when evaluating a game. And to those who say reviews don't matter, tell me then why do you b!tch when your favorite game doesn't get a 10?
(not specifically to you AlphaMale22). IGN articles continue to disappoint me.

Genesis53201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I would much rather have 3d games with my regular controller, than games with full bodied motion control.

Saaking3201d ago

3D + Wands + Best 1st party devs= Win. I'm personally not interested in motion controls; however, if combined with 3D it could really take gaming a step forward. 2010 is gonna be an especially great time to own a PS3.

deadreckoning6663201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Why is it that everytime a negative article about 3D pops up theres always that one guy that complains that its poorly written?

"I guarantee that if Sony wasn't pushing 3D so hard, half you guys wouldn't be singing its praises."

Yep. If it was M$ pushing 3D, they'd be bashing 3D to death. Don't know where these guys get the energy to pretend they like something. 90% of the people praising 3D on this site don't even plan on getting a 3D tv this year IMO.

Immortal Kaim3201d ago

I guarantee that if Sony wasn't pushing 3D so hard, half you guys wouldn't be singing its praises. I'm yet to see how 3D is going to add anything revolutionary or exciting to the table. It really feels like a gimmick, especially with the cost involved and the stupid 'shutter glasses'.

rambi803201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

its safer to predict failure.

A boss i had once told me the easiest way to make a career was to criticize the work of others. - i was making fun of a mistake a colleague had made.

PS3 didn't fail - so now they need something new to criticize

garos823200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

"Because Avatar made a zillion bucks, 3D is back."
What an idiot. You think that Sony wouldnt have presented their 3d TVs at CES2010 if it werenet fot avatar?
Sony is adding more features to the PS3 without you needing to buy an add on to your console. If it works on tvs with 120HZ there are already quite a few of these on the market already , thus these people can get with 3d movies/instantly. Unfortunately my hdtv doesnt support this so im gonna need to adopt these tech later on when 3d hdtvs are cheaper.

whether it adds or not to games you cant deny the awesomeness of being able to watch a movie in 3d like Avatar at home in High def!
having said that im very interested to see how games would like in 3d

baum3200d ago

Wouldn't 3D be the new HD?

And wouldn't full body motion control be the new Waggle?

Seriously, who writes this crap.

Noob3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

3D is just taking it a step forward, so why shouldn't people be excited? I see more people wanting this to fail than succeed. I don't see where all the anger is coming from when some people are just excited for the tech. I'm cheering the tech because I own a PS3, which will gain 3D support. I would love to play GT5 or Wipeout in 3D. From the hands-on that I have read, a lot people have been impressed with it.

Greywulf3200d ago

wake up for once. The media is falling overthemselves from a pre-rendered video demo of EyeToy(Natal) and confirming its the wave of the future.

I can't remember when the media has ever bashed MS, even with a 60% hardware failure rate.

ShinRyuHadoken3200d ago


IGN Always disappoint me but lately they are a lot more gamer then i could imagine. They gave UC2 GOTY as it deserves and 3D gaming is the future. So what are you crying about?

anh_duong3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

"(Sony's lack of success with SIXAXIS controls also gives me little hope for 3D.)" - ign

so 3d will fail because sony sixaxis isn't successful??? fanboyism much?? since when is the success of sixaxis linked to 3d success - only in some stupid fanboy universe it does. surely it is better to compare blu-ray (or even colour tv, nicam stereo, cable tv, satellite tv, digital tv or hi-def television - which were all sucessful) with 3d - but of course in their infinite (lack of) wisdom ign compares 3d to sixaxis. sony isn't the only company which supports 3d. Every LCD manufacturer is planning to sell 3D TV. 3d TV is a global standard with no competition.

"Tim Alessi, director of product development at LG Electronics, said 3-D TV sets will likely cost US$200 to $300 more than comparable flat-panel sets without 3-D capabilities"


so there you have it 3D TV will cost around 250 bucks more when launched.

In time 3D TV will be almost comparable in price to normal TV.

so when you walk into a shop in a years time what LCD TV are you going to buy?? a non-3d TV or a 3D TV that cost a hundred bucks more?? here is a clue, remember when 1080p used to cost 300 bucks more than 720p?? the leap in cost between non-3d tv and 3d tv will be comparable with 720p tv to 1080p tv. look at what is happening to 720p.. yes it is rapidly becoming obselete.

stupid IGN and their stupid fanboy editorials ("sony dump the psp", "why i bought a ps3" to name a few retarded articles) ..

please can you stop linking 3D with sony.. use your brain please ign and stop being a fanboy and linking 3d with sony. 3d is so much more than sony.

Oner3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

@ rambi80 ~ "its safer to predict failure.

A boss i had once told me the easiest way to make a career was to criticize the work of others. - i was making fun of a mistake a colleague had made.

PS3 didn't fail - so now they need something new to criticize"

Exactly. QFT. +Bub

hoops3200d ago

3D been around for ages. Hell Nvidia has recently been doing it for years now on the PC. There are countless games 3D capable on the Nvidia setup that uses the EXACT SAME technology as they plan for the consoles.

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-Alpha3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

3-D does seem very unnecessary.

I don't think it will be too important, especially not this early.

BUT, somebody has to get the ball rolling and if Sony wants to do it, then I'm all for it.

I'm just going to be not expecting much and not hyping it like a lot of people seem to do. Then again, everything is hyped by rabid fans. Comments like "SonYZ Iz Innovationz!", "Dis is the future of gaming!" and nonsense like that really does more harm than good for an idea like this and it really turns me off when people exaggerate like that. As a result I tend to be more skeptical and cautiously optimistic.

If Sony can offer a 3-D experience that can connect us to the game then it would be great. Hopefully it's better than the standard movie theater 3-D.

Games in 3-D does sound more interactive and personal than watching a movie in 3-D, but again, it's not something I care too much for. Motion control is the main road ahead for Sony. 3-D just seems like another attempt to biting into that casual market pie that Nintendo is dominating.

tunaks13201d ago

"3-D just seems like another attempt to biting into that casual market pie that Nintendo is dominating."

that just doesn't make a lot of sense, 3-D and Nintendo have nothing to do with each other, if anything Sony's Wand is the attempt to gain some ground in the "casual" market. Sony is most likely going to use 3-D to further drive the Blue-Ray format.

LtSkittles3201d ago


I think what Alpha male is saying in general 3-d will appeal to casual gamers rather than hardcore gamers.

rockleex3200d ago

And I want 3D.

I have always wanted 3D ever since the day I first played video games.

Now the technology allows us to play in 3D effectively, of course I'd be excited for it and support it.

Especially after seeing Beowulf and Avatar in 3D. It was the future as I knew it.

heroicjanitor3201d ago

People who recently got hdtvs aren't going to get 3d tvs and that's that. But I can see the benefits if it is done the way I imagine it, if you see a sword or something actually coming at you and can block it with the wand, then this could be the greatest thing gaming has ever seen, even if I expect it to flop it is one step closer to the virtual reality we all want.

Feral Gamer3200d ago

I'm not buying another tv anytime soon just for 3D. I bought the Samsung LN46A650 in '08 and it's going to last me for a few more years at least.

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