Aliens: Colonial Marines Inspired By True Aliens Films

While designing their squad-based shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox Software is looking to the Aliens films for inspiration. Not all the films, though.

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3197d ago
Nihilism3197d ago

I'm looking forward to it, but it has been in development for so long and been cancelled?? so many times, or handed to different devs, that i don't know how it will turn out. AVP looks amazing and we'll have that very soon, so that should keep me going.

I don't feel there ever was a decent aliens game. Which is a shame. Hopefully with this game and AVP ( as well as Aliens 5 being made ) we will see a lot more.

mastiffchild3197d ago

AVP COULD be good but I prefer to keep them apart as, for me, they just don't fit with each other ay all-like they're just not part of the same universe or anything like done in similar aesthetics and I find it all jarring personally. The other issues with that game will, and from the previews have been, the balancing between the three species and whethjer playing the three campaigns willl mean they're not as saisfying purely because of having to fit three into one game(IE-will they feel shorter, rushed or cut back in area or quality because of it all). as it stands I think some of it's been impressive but I really need to see more and don't know if I'll ever really warm to the Predators being in the same films and games as each other!

I'm much more happy with the consept of Colonial Marines , though, as they have the beings from the original Alien(s) films going head to head in what we already know is a great and tense enviroment in the Weyland Yutani base-and who doesn't want to see those aliens closing in on your pulse rifle's scanner? Let's pray they kept their focus through all the upheavals during development, that the early quality has been maintained and that it works well in SP and in the squad co-op. Sadly, my browser won't load the article for some reason so I can't directly comment on what it's content is! Anyhow-I think loads of fans of the films that also play games have, for an age, felt a great game was in there ready to be uncovered even though, for me, there's not been one half decent game from all the efforts so far and the Jaguar gam(isn't it)that people always state as being the best is only said to be that because the poor and shoddy quality of the others makes it look so!

Bibto3197d ago

I am the only person that thinks the original two AVP games on PC were rather good? The ones developed by Rebellion and Monolith.

Double Toasted3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

inspired from?

Edit: They're ignoring those other films.

VMAN_013197d ago

Well they are just stating that there are no influences past Aliens Resurrection and the horrible AVP movies.

bacon133197d ago

All the devs need to do is re-create Aliens with a some more action set pieces and I would be very happy.

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