More Modern Warfare Woes

The problems with Modern Warfare 2 keep piling up. A new exploit allows a player to easily get over 100 kills in one game with deaths in the single digits. A video also features the exploit in action.

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BadboyCivic3603203d ago

After watching the video...i feel bad for everybody else on the opposing team...spawn die,spawn die over and over again...

Just another example of how broken this game is...

-Alpha3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

And I think people have a really pissy elitist attitude towards popular games like Call of Duty and Halo. But my GOD, it's like IW was smashed in the head with hammer. I've never seen a sequel botched so badly than I have with MW2.

I mean, the game is fun, but the CORE gameplay mechanics are bad, the exploiting and cheating is rampant, the appeal to casual gamers ruins the game, and it's a total screw job!

Modern Warfare 2 MP TRULY is the biggest fail I have seen from 2009.

Infinity Ward are horrible, horrible developers who clearly are money-driven to cash in on a game without having the decency to support a crying community that begs for change.

These guys had the audacity to arrogantly release a game that they thought people would eat up, and that's exactly what happened. The lack of beta testing has severely hurt this game. The game really feels like a beta, it does NOT feel like a final, polished product.

I'm looking at DICE and Naughty Dog, and Guerilla Games if you want to reach all the way back to the beginning of 2009.

All these guys have a dedication to the community for better or worse.

DICE have astonished me. Their beta has resulted in OVER 100 fixes that they have implemented into the final product of the game. Go to their site and check out the crazy amount of fixes that they have done. They LISTENED to their community of PS3 beta testers.

IW may be filthy rich but they have lost a ridiculous amount of respect. Unfortunately, respect means absolutely nothing in the industry because once you succeed you can turn your back on the fans and leech off of the fanboys.

Saaking3203d ago

Completely agree. It's pretty ridiculous that no matter what they do, COD is almost guaranteed to sell 10 million+. That is simply ridiculous and I'd love it if casuals were a little bit more informed.

Most them probably even don't care. The #1 guy on the 360 leader-boards ONLY play MW2. That's it. It's sad, but it's true. Casuals run the market and often times they'll ruin it for the real gamers. You can't live with them, you can't live without them (becuase in the end, they do drive console sales as well).

3203d ago
Matlock3203d ago

I actually have to disagree... an extent. Yes, the majority of the "improvements" to MW2 are game breaking, bug-ridden, and exploited to the gills, but that's not all we're looking at here.

IW had a ridiculously unpredictable commercial and critical reaction to Call of Duty 4. They may've actually almost choked on the profits. They made a fun game. Put an impressive amount of effort into it, and came out with a balanced, hyper competitive shooter that will be the reference for shooters for a long time to come

Think about it from their perspective. Endless options. They knew that no matter what was in the game, we'd buy it by the truckload. Sounds bad, I know. But think about all the room that opened up for their expansion of the game. They can add and subtract, each movement with or against the tide would in turn spark a response from us. The players.

And we've responded. We gripe and moan, constantly finding faults with their "finished" product, but we love the game. The more vocal we get, the more the game transforms to what it should be. A return to the tight, fast-paced nature of it's predecessor.

I think this is sort of a stepping stone. IW's playing the field. Throwing stuff out there and watching what happens. I personally love this game and am highly anticipating IW's next outing in the Call of Duty universe.

I payed $60 the day the game came out and can't say it was ill spent.

-Alpha3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I hate bringing up casual gaming because I don't want to sound like an elitist or as if I'm some "hardcore" player.

I'm not blaming Nintendo, but their console opened up the eyes of everybody and brought to light the gold mine that is known as the casual market.

Everything today is aimed at them:

-Modern Warfare 2
-PS3 Motion
-The rumored PS3 Fit
-Nintendo Wii/Fit
-3-D gaming

Now, I don't mind that these guys want to expand their gaming market. Sony Motion control seems to work towards balancing between the casual and the "hardcore", and Natal is promising to be accessible to both the casual and hardcore. That's fine, both companies are loyal to its fanbase.

But when it comes to games, and when it comes down to IW the greed and the lack of respect is through the roof.

Robert Bowling is a Wanted Man. People on the IW forums are waiting for him to return but he's too much of a coward to face the music so he hides behind his twitter account. 90% of his tweets or in his family life. I don't give a damn about his kid's first Christmas. I don't give a damn what his favorite movie is. I don't give a damn what his current killstreak set up is. Frankly, I know more than I want to about that weasel. His job is to manage the community, but instead of using twitter to manage the community, he uses it to talk about his personal life. If he wants to do that then make a new twitter account under you real name. His name is FOURZEROTWO and I want nothing but MW2-related news. But he doesn't do jack.

Their biggest improvement? They patched a few exploits and "fixed" the 1887 akimbos, but guess what? They didn't even do that right either since you can use FMJ to restore back to the way it was!

MW2 is a mess. It's plagued. They wanted to yield the most sales with the least amount of work and wanted to maximize sales by stripping the game of its identity. It's not a sequel, it's an absolute downgrade sprinkled with illogical and mentally insane gameplay mechanics that have never ever been tested for quality assurance. WE GAMERS should be the quality assurance, that's what betas are for. But instead, we get a game that IW has shown absolute disregard for.

IW has never been able to communicate and respond to its community, but now its crystal clear that when they make a sh*t storm they are unwilling to clean it up.


Why are you justifying IW's terrible gameplay mechanics as "playing the field"?

It's blatantly obvious IW intended the game to be the way it is today. They wanted to make it very accessible and they even ignored testing the multiplayer.

I'm HOPING that the game returns to its former glory as people "moan and complain" but guess what? IW have a track record for not listening to their community. Robert Bowling is the community manager and that coward is hiding behind Twitter instead of addressing the community on the forums. He is the problem and as long as he exists and as long as whoever is pulling his strings keeps thing the way they are now you can never expect the community's voice to be heard.

The damage has been done.

dorkride663203d ago

Bungie will always get my support because the care about the Halo community. IW choose money over fans and that is some thing I will never forgive them for.

JokesOnYou3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

And yet I've been playing the game to hell and back since launch, I've experienced many of the cheats and exploits that's been reported on n4g, but somehow I manage to mostly have fun every single time I play the game, the multiplayer is awesome....I mean really had I not had the game since launch and been playing the game probably more than whats healthy for my eyes and I only read n4g, I would probably think "OMG MW2 is terrible" and probably wouldn't buy it. Fortunately for me I think if I play a game consistently and 95% or more of the time I don't run into problems and I end up having fun the way the game was intended to be played then the dev's have done a good job. You see that's what all you n4g forget, our petty gripes as hardcore gamers don't translate well to reality, normal/hardcore gamers, might say wtf when a glitch occurs here and there but if the game is fun they will never ever b%$# and moan and complain or care enough to stop playing, little stuff like this doesn't bother anybody but the over-sensitive know it all gamers who demand perfection, not fun for $60. Trust me with a game so popular more exploits will be found, yet I'll probably have many more fun gaming sessions and barely notice, care or remember the 1 game with some dumbazz cheating.

It's the same thing I said with Bayonetta by the usual standard's on n4g the 360 version is miles better, most multi's these days don't have that much difference but even in Bayonetta's case those difference's just don't amount to a huge desparity in the experience, most normal gamer's simply just don't sweat the petty stuff, now if the differences made it really "broken"/annoying/un playable/ then yes gamers would hate it, but its funny many n4g folks trashed what is really a great game on both consoles just because the 360 version is clearly superior >>IF<< you played them side by side.


psycho3603202d ago

LMAO what a game. You guys are talking about game glitches and devs not fixing those but did anybody take a look at the freaking leaderboards. The top 10-15 players are 10th prestige some have played for 43secs or few mins or seomthing. Their gamer score is 0 or slightly more and they have put in their bio to msg them to reach 10th prestege for some payment.

Jeez talk about "teh lazy" devs. They can't even fix the damn charts. FU IW, I hope they run out of their money and their next game bombs.

vhero3202d ago

Worst designed online game ever?? how this game ever got released is beyond me.. Activision should be ashamed of themselves.. Prepare for another scoreboard wipe.

DARK WITNESS3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

well, I will throw in my 2$ on this.

@ JokesOnYou

I usually agree with on most stuff and respect your opinion, but i have to say this time i am with Alpha.

I played cod4 for a solid 2 years. was ranked about 5000th on the live leaderboards last time i checked.

I had lots of issues getting MW2 to begin with right from time they said they were increasing the price in uk and eu for no real reason. well the weaker side of me gave in and i got the game.

I have played it a fair bit and ranked up to about 10,000th over xmas. i have played it enough and put in a fair bit of time, but overall from all the games i have played I have to say I agree with all of alphas points.

I have enjoyed the odd game ( when it actually felt like it was working and not lagging ) but over all they have been few and far between and i don't know if the few fun games and enjoyment gotten from the game is worth the investment of time and frustration with all the bull crap that goes on.

the game is a mess, a big mess. the odd game may still be fun, but it does not take away from the fact that its broken in so many ways it's unbelievable at times.

whatever credit i would have given them for fixing the models, i feel has been taken away again because now all the noobs just run around with commando knifing. I dislike it even more then people who use models.

yesterday i was playing big team with a few friends, long story short we lost. the guy who had the most kills on the other team was a level 70 and had about 26 killz and like 10 deaths or less. he sat at the top of the lobby talking crap about how we got owned by his knife. I told him he was just using the knife because he could not aim a gun, so he said next game he would not use a knife and only use a gun and he will still own us. next game started and this same kid that had been talking crap got 7 kills and 9 deaths.

ok, but i don't why i went into that story but for me it just highlights how noob friendly the game has become and how stupid it's getting with what people can get away with. even if they adjusted the commando crap, tomorrow there will be something else for the noobs to take advantage of.

in the end though, i blame us ( myself ) the gamers who supported this game with thir money. We basically said ya, it's ok IW, we love you and love bending over and taking it from behind, keep shafting us with your overpriced broken excuse for a game.

cod4 was the better game in so many ways. on paper some of the ideas in MW2 sounded cool and if the game worked well it would have made it a lot more fun, but the fun just feels robbed with all the bugs, glitches and noob exploits and broken gameplay elements. thing is if you loved cod4, you would be looking for a reason to love MW2, you would want to love MW2. I want to love MW2, but it just end's up f-king me off instead. They ( IW ) messed it up bigtime. I know plenty of hardcore and casual gamers ( outside of N4G ) that have stopped playing the game because of how frustrating they have found the game.

execution173202d ago

i just stopped playing it, probably just try and platinum it by this weekend and trade it in for something better

DaTruth3202d ago

So can we all agree that the MW haters had a point? Before the game launched, you couldn't state that you weren't going to buy the game because it seemed rehashed and IW's money goggles were ruing the game!

Now the game is busted up! I wasn't a hater, but I felt people had a right to feel what they did about the game and to be upset about the blown up reviews. It sucks when reviews leave this stuff out and sucker us into buying a game!

I personally wouldn't blame IW, this seems like an Activision Bobby type of movement!

JeffGUNZ3202d ago

Who cares about this article. This kid didn't cheat at all, he used a good combination. Frustrating for the opposing team, yes, but at least he didn't glitch out of the map or use some kind of cheat.

JokesOnYou3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

However I still totally disagree, MW2 is not even close to broken, honestly I probably run into one of these cheats/exploits every 10-15 games played. I simply let them "kindly" know that I hate them,(lol that putting it lightly) I occasionaly report them, but most of the time I simply quit and move on to another lobby. Also I really don't care much about people ranking up unfairly, I judge players by their skill "in-game", if they suck and are ranked highly (prestiged several times) I just laugh at them and let them know. I don't lose any sleep over cheaters and I think MW2's popularity with the different perks, awards, ranking system is very attractive to those who WANT IT but either can't spend the time or don't have the skill to earn it, but so what, I play random on "free for all" 90% of the time and I really only have an annoying game with cheaters every once in awhile. I love FPS, played almost every FPS past and present, MW2 is awesome and I make that statement from my own personal experience playing the game daily+ shooting the shiii with so many random gamers who also are enjoying the game, no complaints except for "BS man, I shot you first" type I just got to disagree with whats said here. MW2 is pure heartpounding fun when you get that super competitive game where everyone is equally skilled, they all want to win badly, but most importantly everybody has a good sense of humor, that's when it really shines and its so much fun.


Megaton3202d ago

GOTY, right GameTrailers?

darthv723202d ago

I mean come on. How can a high profile game that was virtually done months before launch can have all these issues after. You figure maybe...just maybe they put these in for people to find and make a big deal over. It has been done in PC games for years and I just have a feeling these "exploits" are these on purpose. Maybe for testing different parts of the game and just left in as "easter eggs" for us to find.

f7897903202d ago

Or at least have it so the blade actually touches the person. I'm tired of seeing people falling dead after the blade misses them by a foot.

It's not realistic. Nobody goes around on the battlefield only stabbing.

mfwahwah3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


It's called "balance."

It's been around for ages. When one specific combination blows EVERY SINGLE OTHER ONE out of the water, then that's a problem. It means the game is significantly flawed.

It ruins the game for people who want to play it with their style. This guy in the video shot two noobtubes (as he said, you don't even need to know if someone is there; just *fwoop* *fwoop* *claymore* repeat).

Then in the chopper he didn't even aim. Just happened to kill the entire team within ten seconds without using any skill what-so-ever. And he mentioned he did this a few times. Not just one fluke or anything.

I'm glad I didn't buy MW2. You may say that I shouldn't talk **** if I don't have it, but what I've said goes for any game out there. If you support cheap gameplay then you're a scrub, plain and simple.

Persistantthug3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I'm not sure why, but I've never played any Call Of Duty game...ever.

I'm not against it or shooters, but since I'm a player of all genres, I tend to play, well...a little of everything.

So, pretty recently I played COD MW2 on my nephews XBOX 360, and I delve into the single player campaign. Long story short, its pretty good...I like it. The story sort of jumps around, but it is enjoyable. The voice acting graphics and the presentation is all good. Other than plot holes, the game seemed like a good game overall.

Then we fire up the vaunted multiplayer, and I let my nephew play it because I didn't want to compromise his least not right away. So I watch him go to a bedroom, set up a claymore with infrared sensor at the door of the room, go to a window, take aim, and he killed 12 people and didn't die once.

He did this again the next round, as well.

I saw enough and wanted to go back to the single player.

I can see some people liking MW2, especially if they like pwning people left and right like my 11 year old nephew does...but seriously, the online is a junked game for a serious gamer. You camp, or you run and gun....but you're better off camping if you want good stats.

Sorry MW2 fans, while good, this is definitely NOT game of the year.

If you really want a game that basically cuts out the equation of camping and requires real war strategy and really should check out Battlefield Bad Company 2. It's as close to a war sim as I think you can get that remains fun. MW2 just ain't it, imo.

For Great Justice3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

One of my sources just forwarded me a copy of a rather intriguing document about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the remainder of this post, I plan to summarize the contents of that document in an effort to demonstrate conclusively that I refuse to dance to Infinity Ward's ignorant tune. Unless you share my view that Activision is an irritating, coldhearted humanity-hater, there's no need for you to hear me further. Infinity Ward's secret passion is to rot out the foundations of our religious, moral, and political values. For shame! It is easy to see faults in others, but it takes perseverance to do what comes naturally. Unfortunately, lamebrained proletariats who shank the working class in the back to keep the cash spigots flowing make no effort to contend with the inevitable consequences of that action.

I plan to work within the system to persuade my fellow citizens that you can see exactly where this is going, not because I lack the courage for more drastic steps but because it has been brought to my attention that Activision will go to almost any extreme to prevent my message of truth from getting out. While this is indubitably true, my cause is to bring the communion of knowledge to all of us. I call upon hardcores and casuals from all walks of life to support my cause with their life-affirming eloquence and indomitable spirit of human decency and moral righteousness. Only then will the whole world realize that we have a choice. Either we let ourselves be led like lambs to the slaughter by Infinity Ward and its spokesmen or we enable adversaries to meet each other and establish direct personal bonds that contradict the stereotypes they rely upon to power their inconsiderate ideologies. While I don't expect you to have much trouble making up your mind you should nevertheless consider that Infinity Ward has nothing but contempt for you, and you don't even know it. That's why I feel obligated to inform you that if you were to ask it, it'd say that it doesn't remember forcing me to wander around in a quagmire of self-pity and depression. Not only does Infinity Ward decidedly have a very selective memory, but its hangers-on remain largely silent when asked about the correlative connecting it to gnosticism. The rare times they do deign to comment they invariably skew the issue to prevent people from realizing that Infinity Ward's reasoning is circular and therefore invalid. In other words, it always begins an argument with its conclusion (e.g., that no one is smart enough to see through its transparent lies) and therefore—not surprisingly—it always arrives at that very conclusion.

Before explaining why judgmental hostes generis humani cause insurmountable trouble for us, I must first take up the all-encompassing challenge of freedom, justice, equality, and the pursuit of life with full dignity. Infinity Ward's convictions are popular among what I call insensitive rubes but that doesn't mean the rest of us have to accept them. I, for one, don't see how Infinity Ward can build a workable policy around wishful thinking draped over a morass of confusion (and also, as we'll see below, historical illiteracy), then impose it willy-nilly on a population by force. I'm not saying that it can't possibly be done but rather that Infinity Ward accepts—or, at least, feels obligated to pretend to accept—the ideological premises of denominationalism. In view of that, it is not surprising that the one thing that's central to all of Infinity Ward's gruesome, biased tirades is a desire to exercise control through indirect coercion or through psychological pressure or manipulation. I call this the New Irrationalism. The old irrationalism was concerned only with challenging all I stand for. Although that was bad enough, all Infinity Ward really wants is to hang onto the cash it's getting from your wallets. That's all it really cares about. I'd like to finish with a quote from a private e-mail message sent to me by a close friend of mine: "Naive weirdos, more than any other segment of the population, like to create an intimidating, hostile, or demeaning environment".

The Happy Baby3202d ago

I guess these exploits arent that well known, or the people they are playing arent all that good, cause ive never had a problem like this. The one time ive complained was when everyone was using the over-powered 1887s. And then I thought, "you know, I can sit here and whine and lose---or i can do something about it." so i picked up some 1887s off the ground and joined the fray. it was actually alot of fun in the end.

UnwanteDreamz3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I got flak from my friends and some here for saying MW2 was gonna be a solid rent but a waste of 60$. I was told I would miss the greatest game to come out in 09', the best shooter of all time, and the most hardcore game evar.

I rented MW2, beat the single player on veteran, played multiplayer for 3 days and sent it back. I had fun with the title but honestly I don't see what all the hype was about. I really thought the gameplay in the BFBC2 beta was better. I had more fun on the one map offered then I had in the MP IW offered.

In the end I am glad I played even if I feel like I wouldn't have missed anything special if I hadn't.

Just my opinion.

Anon19743202d ago

I've been playing MW2 since launch. It's excellent. I play it on my PS3 and I haven't, to my knowledge, run across any cheaters or glitchers or whatever you want to call them. My experience has been great. The way some people go on would make you think the game was unplayable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

webeblazing3202d ago

hey mw2 is a fun game but i couldnt care less. the 1st was cheap this one is da same thats y i didnt buy love playin over my friends house on split screen besides that i really wouldnt even b motivated 2 play it

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dkgshiz3203d ago

IW will tell us when the Beta testing starts :)

Trebius3202d ago

It's a good thing they're not running this country or we'd have a real dilemma on our hands...

Greed has ruined the world.

ATi_Elite3202d ago

Actually Infinity Ward was outsourced by DICE to Beta test Battlefield Bad Company 2, they just renamed it Modern Warfare 2.

The real version of the game will be perfect when released in March.

HOSe3203d ago

i dont get this article or this person claiming they 'can' do something

DJ3203d ago

We're beta-testing the game, and no one really cares. Sure, there's a vocal minority that complains about the game's numerous issues, but it's not going to change a thing.

Modern Warfare 3 though may end up suffering from highly reduced sales, and not because someone else is developing it.