The real PS3 exclusive list

This list had no made up title, or no mutiplatform games as exclusives.The PS3 forums brings you The Real exclusive list

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FreeMonk4738d ago

Heavy Rain is not a PS3 exclusive. The demo ran on the PS3 at E3'06, but the makers stated that the game that uses the Heavy Rain engine (I don't think Heavy Rain is an actual game), would be available on the PS3 AND X360.

So that's 54 exclusives.

Also, you can't include games that haven't been announced yet. God of War 3 and Motorstorm 2 haven't been announced, so you can't class them as exclusive.

That's like saying the X360 has the exclusive titles Gears of War 2 and Halo 4, you just don't know!!!

Stick to ANNOUNCED TITLES for the exclusives!

Loudninja4738d ago

Instead of acting like kids and pressing the report button just because you do not wnat to see it

Sangheili854738d ago

Its not the list that everyone reporting its the fact there have been so many "PS3 exclusive list" in the last couple weeks its starting to get lame. I'm glad the PS3 is going to get games. But its a forum post by someone how wants to prove something. Not news not a official Sony PS3 exclusive list report. Its nothing.

Loudninja4738d ago

Tahts all you have to do, its not that hard

Eternal E 8084738d ago

wont allow trash news here this is just not news worthy nuff said.

TruthHurts4738d ago

who are you his DAD?

if you dont like it, don`t read it, don`t approve it, move on.

Satanas4738d ago

A little too many of these have been made, but I will give credit to this one for not listing unconfirmed/untitled games (at least from what I saw).

Although, I'm not sure why they have "Socom: Confrontation" and "Socom (4 I presume)" as separate exclusives? IGN lists them as the same game, but they could be wrong too...any clarity on this?

StateofMind4738d ago

Zipper is developing a SOCOM game. This was confirmed shortly after Confrontation, which is being developed by another studio.

Satanas4738d ago

Oh, great news! I was more looking forward to Socom 4 than Confrontation.

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The story is too old to be commented.