MIG: Review: Darksiders

MyInsideGamer writes:

It's always painful to see a review code land on your desk, only to discover it's a game that a lot of people aren't really fussed about and don't know much about. I automatically put my pessimist hat on and get to work on the game.

On the contrary, it's a joyous feeling to realise a game that you thought is going to be bad turns out to be good. I am of course referring to Darksiders in those above instances.

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vflhp3201d ago

Yeah, it's a VERY good game!

Chris3993201d ago

The desert section was the only part that seemed to drag for me. The pacing hits a wall there.

It picks up after that though.

vflhp3201d ago

Yeah, there also seems to be some repetitiveness as well.

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