The Best Video Game Box Arts from the Past Decade

The previous decade not only produced some incredible titles, but it also contained some of the best video game box arts ever seen in the industry.

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TheROsingleB3252d ago

I do not agree with a lot of the choices. I wish he would have explained WHY he thought they were "the best" of the decade.

Incomplete article, imho.

Bnet3433252d ago

Neither do I, but it's his opinion.

PLASTICA-MAN3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

MGS Box arts are great especially MGS4 with much charisma:
and also Jak 3 box art rocks:
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Theonik3252d ago

Agreed, MGS4 should have been in there.

Bnet3433252d ago

I know it's old, but this one really fit the game:

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3252d ago

The box art that had the IGN logo in it..

Theonik3252d ago

lol, i remember that. You would think they would use their master artwork to make the Wii version but they took the picture from IGN. xD

riddlesticks3252d ago

Personally I think this list is pretty awful. I think these game should definitely be included:


Theonik3252d ago

All the ones you posted are great. The Jp version of SCIV also deserved a place on the list.

Goodfella783252d ago

ive been away a while been a user of this site since 2006 i think,and can i just say how downhill this site has gone ,.,.,.wat a shame, slightly off topic but there it is,.,.,.

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The story is too old to be commented.