The Worst Video Game Box Arts from the Past Decade

Although it wasn't nearly as bad as the infant years of the gaming industry, the past decade (2000-2009) has produced some of the worst looking video game box arts ever.

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qface643199d ago

maybe because on the cover he looks like a complete dorky idiot

thereapersson3199d ago

Here is the Japanese box art. It's what they should have stuck with:

Feral Gamer3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Ha! The Russell Grant's Astrology cover is golden! LMAO

Super Duper Sumos? OMG what suggestive box art!

Corrwin3199d ago

A Top Ten list showing us the worst covers, or a Top Ten List that shows us the worst covers without commentary.

Thanks Examiner, for the insight into why you think these in particular are the worst of the decade.

Who voted this up? A list of images on Photobucket on a forum is as much a VG article as this.

3199d ago
Odin7773199d ago

The hell is wrong with the Castlevania cover?

armanmoo3199d ago

I'll give you a hint.

Box art multiplied by 2

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