Ubisoft to have 12 Natal-enabled games ready for launch

CC: Ubisoft will have a dozen Natal-enabled game ready for launch.

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Optical_Matrix3201d ago

Mini games and/or ports. Just watch

mjolliffe3201d ago

I'm not sure. Maybe one or two. But you can bet your life there'll be a hardcore game on the table :)

green3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

If i were to guess, i would say that those 12 games will consist of 2-3 hardcore games and the rest will be full retail and xbla games to appeal to casual and some core gamers.

Ziriux3201d ago

Mini games or ports, I dont really care.

Saaking3201d ago

Hopefully they're actual games and not just minigame or Wii ports or some crap like that. MS really needs more first party. Relying on third party is kinda risky.

gamesmaster3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

lets hope it's not wii style, come cook with me, shovelware.

soljah3201d ago

ubisoft 12 games at launch. is it just me or does this say a ton about the quality and types of games that are being put on natal.

360 bowling, Microsoft duck hunt, xbox batter up lol

KillaManiac3201d ago

O snap...are they gunna start porting over Imagine games??

Genesis53201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Here comes the wii60.

Godmars2903201d ago

I'll put money on Red Steel 2.

3201d ago
Freak of Nature3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I think we are looking at 2 to 3 hardcore games,another 3 to 4 live games,and a bunch of mini games,of which 2 to 3 can be something quite fun.

What I really want from them would be a new Rayman on either or both of the HD consoles,and most of all "Beyond good and evil 2" to be in development and not in some limbo state....

And unfortunatly for me I bet out of all the games they are creating on all systems,both BG&E2 and Rayman are not in their current plans....

Mista T3201d ago

meh, not a fan of games that get published by Ubisoft. except the assassin's creed series.

Hutch23553201d ago

when EA and now Ubisoft talk about the fact that they have a bunch of games coming at launch for Natal, all I see is "shovelware, junk, mini-games" blah blah blah. So which is it, no games, mini games, shovelware, what? Tomorrow the almight Kojima could say he is personally working on a hardcore Natal game and the SDF would blow it off. There is nothing Natal can do to change the minds of the SDF on this site, so why don't we just stop approving any Natal articles so we don't have to read the same drivel from these fangirls.

albert_2753201d ago

Man, I don't know about you guys, but I would totally play Duck Hunt: Natal edition.

Genesis53201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Hutch. When I see 12 games ready in less than a year. I see 1 game and 11 shovelware. Third party developers have had less than a year to work with Natal.

Bigpappy3201d ago

M$ just needs to apply standards like they do on arcade. This would minimize shovel ware. At least this shows more support for Natal and people would have some choices when it is released. They could easily have over 50 game upon release based on number of developers and the number of game the big developer say they are working on. Mini arcade game are good for casuals and practice with using the gestures.

Arnon3201d ago

"Ubisoft to have 12 Natal-ENABLED games ready for launch"

It doesn't say Natal-only. It means Ubisoft will have 12 games that will be compatible with Natal at launch. That ranges from games with small support, to games that are Natal-only.

Bigpappy3201d ago

For those of you are sick and tired of hearing about Natal,Natal, Natal: This is only going to get worst when they start showing game for it. The interest in Natal is huge and for different reasons. By the time this thing is ready for release, it will be as well known as Obama when little kid who just learn to talk could say his name. Even the people who hate Natal are following its every move. Just like the hater on this site.

ThanatosDMC3201d ago

There better be Natal Boxing. Wii Boxing was good though it was a b!tch to actually throw the punches you want thrown.

captain-obvious3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

well don't expect full games
what i expect is XBL games and shuvelware
mini games integration like the eyetoy already have

fryday3201d ago

I hope they implement Natal to R.U.S.E

that would be so awesome!

JokesOnYou3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

When a dev says there will be "a dozen" games available all within the same release day/window, of course the majority of it will be either "shovelware" or "very casual experiences"(basicly both are generally the same) lol, but I'd bet anything that Ubi won't simply rest their good name & reputation on a whole lineup of shovelware on a platform that has a huge hardcore fanbase. Are you guys the same folks who read n4g everyday?....and you actually have to wonder about this, I mean what one publisher/dev releases 12 hardcore/possibly AAA games at the same time? But make no mistake at least 1 title (maybe 2 or 3) will be Ubi's attempt to show whats really possible with Natal.


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Ziriux3201d ago

That is a nice number of titles to be available with this technology. I am buying Natal.

Omega43201d ago

Damn that loads, guess that rumor about just 14 launch games was way off.

Natal will probably triple the amount of exclusive 360 games released this year.

Tony240ZT3201d ago

I would only say it was exclusive if it wasn't available on another system with just a different control scheme. We just don't know what these games will be yet, and if they will be available on other systems.

Hopefully ubisoft is thinking beyond what made the Nintendo Glove work with other games already released.

KILLERAPP3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I just hope is not like the WII that has 3 or 4 good games and all the others suck.

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