Ubisoft's major RPG in development?

CC: Last month Ubisoft revealed that they wanted to break the Japanese market with a major RPG "on the same level as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest" - It seems that that plan is in action already.

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mjolliffe3293d ago

Watch out Final Fantasy...

Ziriux3293d ago

Yea how many have tried being final fantasy and failed.

qface643293d ago

final fantasy and dragon quest?
ubisoft is aiming s little too high if you ask me

whatever jrpg they come out with it won't be a smash hit

Foxgod3293d ago

Why would ubisoft aim too high?
Ubisoft produced countless western Top games, if they get the right people together they can get it done, Money aint no issue to Ubisoft.

Noctis Aftermath3293d ago

This guy is talkin' out of his ass, no chance in hell square is letting final fantasy franchise go, the last 2 games have been somewhat mediocre, their sales have still been strong so why the hell would they stop making them?

Saaking3293d ago

FF just can't live up to expectations right now. I'm looking forward to FFvsXIII though.

Mamotronn3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

You re talking about, but fo me ffxiii was sleek, way better than ff xii...(thinking, what in ff xii abound lack in ff xiii...coincidence uh¿?)anyway the game play wise was smooth(best style on the whole rpg franchises imo)in fact it does live up to a good while rpg experience, but already hearing that they indeed did cut off some part to achieve a wise(clearly low) size for fit it(certainly in mults dvds) didnt sound nice at all.

EDit : Yp`sound like xbox indeed had to do with the cut off!!!!leading to its actual linearity. LAME

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movements3293d ago

RPGs are always good. We've been lacking them this generation.

young juice3293d ago

couldnt have said it better myself.

especially since i just now got my first job and i can actually afford a few more games.

Lavalamp3293d ago

Doesn't sound like a JRPG. More like a French-Canadian Chinese RPG. A FCCRPG if you will.

Obama3293d ago

You can't break into the japanese market with a wrpg. It has to be jrpg and I don't think Ubisoft is capable of making a decent one; that is unless it hires all the talents from Japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.