Gran Turismo 5 Where Are You?

Yahoo writes: Sony has delayed the launch of its PlayStation 3 racing game, Gran Turismo 5, the release date once again left to conjecture. It's agonising for fans of the series, but you may be surprised to learn that this is the first time the game has been officially held back.

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LtSkittles3204d ago

"Sony has delayed the launch of its PlayStation 3 racing game, Gran Turismo 5, the release date once again left to conjecture. You may be surprised to learn that this is the first time the game has been officially held back."

How can Sony delay a game once more, yet it's the first time they delayed it?

Bungie3204d ago

can't say i'm surprised after playing the demo

i think it's a good thing coz GT5 needs to be the best

monkey6023204d ago

"Gran Turismo 5, the release date once again left to conjecture."

Guess you didnt notice the comma after the "5" there ay?

rezenu3204d ago

Bungie...oh Bungie. When will it end with you? This endless trolling needs to stop buddy. You need to be an actual gamer now. :)

I also agree that GT5 never had a release date to begin with as well.

Saaking3204d ago

GT never had a release date until the March release for Japan therefore this game has only been delayed ONCE and only in Japan. The rest of the world has never had a release date. Seriously, I'm tired of sites making up crap.

monkey6023204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

The article says that it is the first actual delay for the game. It's even in the description without hitting the link. They are, in no way "making up crap"

ShinRyuHadoken3204d ago

It doesn't matter they delay it or not. When this game comes out first day buy for me.

I still got too finish playing GoW collections and UC2. Ohh mann so many games so little time. Work work work. :)

bruddahmanmatt3204d ago

Those of us who grew up with GT are used to this by now. I can't remember GT ever coming anywhere close to hitting a projected release date. I don't even bother salivating over the next release anymore as I know I'll just be getting my hopes up. All I do is wait until a trusted source announces "got it" before heading down to the nearest game store to pick up a copy. lol.

Maddens Raiders3204d ago

looks like your bubble count is getting delayed too. Just like We Won, why dis, darkmurder, bubbles kitty kat, green / genuine / pog, asari consort, and the rest of the multiple account 360 gang.

Seriously dude - get some help or get a life.

poindat3204d ago

...But I really don't care. For me, all this waiting has driven the excitement meter off the charts. I can't remember being this excited about something related to gaming since I anticipated the purchase of my PS3.

And I don't see the point in whining about release dates, when in the end those who truly care about the game will be playing it for FAR longer than what we waited for. But I suppose that doesn't matter to some people who are used to blowing $60 every couple of years on minor improvements. -.-

sikbeta3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

|Bungie = SELF-OWNage Mode Activate|

lol Unbelievable and Delusional as Always

Anyway, nobody can't take this article serious when you see:

"Sony [HAS DELAYED] the launch of its PlayStation 3 racing game, Gran Turismo 5, [THE RELEASE DATE ONCE AGAIN]the left to conjecture


"It's agonising for fans of the series, but [YOU MAY BE SURPRISED*] to learn that [THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THE GAME HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY HELD BACK]

*Yes !DiøT!, I'm surprised to read that kind of [ILLOGICAL NONSENSE]


DERKADER3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

You need to learn to read. They are saying that the release date is once again left to conjecture. You are trying to defend GT5 against a quote that agrees with you. You fanboys are so quick to defend yourself even when your not being threatened.

P.s. Conjecture means they don't know when its coming out.

LtSkittles3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )


No, that's not what I am doing. I am pointing out the contradiction in the article, and I never heard PD, or Sony say 'GT 5 will be delayed to March 2010.' I am not a fanboy. I just thought 'the Sony has delayed the launch of its PlayStation 3 racing game, Gran Turismo 5, the release date once Again left to conjecture. You may be surprised to learn that this is the First time the game has been officially held back.'

Edit: thank you for vocabulary lesson.

aaron58293204d ago

keep on assuming that the game was delayed until march ... when there were no release dates to begin with...

and Bungie.... shut the hell up...

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yoghurt3204d ago

and only in Japan.

Talk about blown out of all proportion, yet in the same day splinter cell is delayed officially for the second time and do we see a million articles about

Nitrowolf23204d ago

i thought this delay was for just japan market?

Fishy Fingers3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

It is, but it's also safe to assume that will have a knock on effect for other region release dates, whatever they may have been. Either way, 5 years in the making, people want this game to be perfect, if PD think they need more time, let them have it I say. What's a month.

NateCole3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

GT5 was always meant to come out in the west mid to late 2010. It was only Japan that was suppose to see it in March.

Before idiots claim the delay is for polishing. No. Its not. Its just a strategic move.

Here is the thing. Sony wanted to sell 13 million PS3 in this fiscal year which ends in march. As such they put GT5 in Japan only because GOW 3 is not that big in Japan. GOW3 will move alot more consoles in the west. However, Sony must have seen after December when they sold 3.8 million world wide that they don't really need to release GT5 in Japan in March to reach their target and save it for later in the year.

When Sony announced GT5 and GOW 3 in the same month in Japan i knew they were doing it to reach their sales target. Its the only logical explaination since both are huge hitters for Sony. Think about it. Why on earth would Sony want to release their biggest franchise and one of their biggest in the same month?.

@mrblacknut : When was that?. Sept 2009?. That was before the Slim success and December sales. Do you get the picture?.

mrblacknut3204d ago

That contradicts all the talk about Sony actually frustrated that GT5 hasn't already been released.

iceman063204d ago

pretty much hits a major title or two EVERY year. It's nothing new to the industry. It actually makes perfect business since for a company that has been taking a beating financially (mostly because of the unstable worldwide economy) to save a money printer like GT5 to include in the financial projections for 2010. Plus, being grown comes with the added characteristic of patience. My life doesn't revolve around a gaming release schedule. So, when it comes out...I'll be purchasing day one...until then...there's still a stack of games to finish...and new ones to purchase! GAME ON!!!

MaximusPrime3204d ago

im from Europe.

Japan's delayed release date is news to me? i dont think so.
I do feel sorry for our Japanese PS3 fans but im sure there are many games to enjoy.

Anyway, within a week, we will see loads of sony-doomed articles trying to get approval on n4g. Whoever wrote these future article will be idiots.

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