Nintendo: Wii Has A "Very Long Life" Ahead Of It

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime insists the Wii is far from dead, downplaying industry speculation that a Wii successor is soon to be announced.

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indiemike3905d ago

You know, it never seems to matter what the story is about, I think Reggie just likes downplaying everything.

IanCube3905d ago

Unless its his own software...

Remember these?

1. Reggie Aims for 1.5 Million on Metroid: Other M (

2. Reggie saying New Super Mario Bros Wii will outsell Modern Warfare 2

UnwanteDreamz3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

He must be talking about hardware reliability and not relevance in the market. I must say I believe him because my NES is still kickin.


Evocation3905d ago

I get the feeing if nothing more N won't release a new console till the wii isn't selling as well, and they've come up with something new... they will never beat sony/microsoft in the power department because that's just not their way...

AKNAA3905d ago

It does make sense for the wii to last longer than expected if you think about it(even if its last gen graphics). With such a high user base, it would actually be dumb if nintendo suddenly announces a new system and leaves every wii owner out to dry...
The casuals don't care for HD and gaming on a new technical level, they care for wii fit/ wii sports' 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and so on!

Aquarius3905d ago

I'm still expecting a Super Wii announcement.

rambi803905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

For obvious reasons - no company ever admits to introducing on a new console until pre-launch months- it makes all articles like these kinda pointless

Bodyboarder_VGamer3905d ago

I just want a Wii that doesn't look so blurry on my 1080p set. =(

badz1493905d ago

eventhough sales have declined from the previous year, the Wii is still selling more than either the PS3 and 360 or maybe both combined! it was selling at a profit since launch and even at 200 bucks, 3 years down this gen, I think they are still profiting as much from each console sold just like before! plus with all the sales garnered from 1st party titles like many if not all of their games still selling like crazy over time (NSMB just exceeded 10 mil), I don't think they'll ditch the Wii just to cater to a minor group's demand! the Wii is a fvcking money printer and as much as I hate it, I can't blame them for riding that cash cow for a little bit longer!

jjohan353905d ago

With the Wii console still selling like hotcakes and Nintendo barely spending anything to support its non-existent online/network, there is no reason for Nintendo to kill off its cash cow.

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IanCube3905d ago

Who saw this coming? *grin*

Honestly, as long as the system is making money, who believes Nintendo will actually change up the Wii's hardware or announce a new console?

aepex3905d ago

A "very long time" in this industry is - what - two years at best?

I still expect a new console announcement before the end of 2011.

IanCube3905d ago

Depends, for Sony that's like 10 years?

Honestly, looking at their lineup, I think Nintendo can get through 2010 easily now, but 2011 is hard to see clearly at this point, I think most of it hinges on Natal.

indiemike3905d ago

Even if the console isn't released until 2011/2012, I bet we'll hear some news about it this year.

rambi803905d ago

I think a lot depends on when the PS3 hits $200 and the consumer response to it

EvilTwin3905d ago

A "very long life" could also mean a life like the PS2 -- where the console still sells well, even after a new one is put on the market.

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RememberThe3573905d ago

And besides to we expect him to come out and say, "yes we're launching a new console soon, so hold off on buying a Wii now and get the one that comes out later."

IanCube3905d ago

Good point. I think most folks forget he used to be a PR guy for Pizza Hut, then Nintendo, before he became he knows how to work a story. He wouldn't ever say anything negative, and wouldn't announce anything when it could jeopardize sales.

indiemike3905d ago

What I meant is that they'll announce a console this year, when the timing is right, not just Reggie jumping out right away.

I think the Wii is unique in that it may not be hurt that bad by a new console announcement, if it's WELL known that the new system isn't coming for some time. I could see the Wii being more like the PS2 and sticking around into the next console generation as a cheap alternative.

IanCube3905d ago

That's true, I forgot how the PS2 did that.

The Wii does have extremely good branding, if they were to announce a Wii 2 to launch a year from now, I could see people still wanting it now and buying the original Wii...I've even had people tell me that first hand when I told them there could be a new one on the way.

People hate waiting.

asdr3wsfas3905d ago

"I could see the Wii being more like the PS2 and sticking around into the next console generation as a cheap alternative."

An alternative that absolutely crushes the other consoles in sales. It's only an alternative if you hate it. Any actual analysis of sales figures shows total dominance. Look up nov and dec NPD sometime. I'd post it but you guys are getting sloppy with your facts and it helps you remember if you research it yourself.

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