MAG PS3 beta downloads pass 1M worldwide

Sony Corp. this week said that downloads of the MAG multiplayer beta for the Playstation 3 passed 1 million worldwide in the first week of availability.

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young juice3203d ago

its a pretty good game it just takes a little adjusting. none of that rambo sh*t or you'll get merked.

NateCole3203d ago

MAG is for tatical shooter gamers that like SOCOM.

It will start slowly but once it gets going to will be like SOCRACK.

Those who like noob friendly shooters like MWF and Halo need not apply as this game will require investment in time to be good.

MAG will surprise alot of people in coming months.

Serjikal_Strike3203d ago

its not bad...took a little getting used to...

randomwiz3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

i like the game, but honestly, i've literally put in days into the closed beta, so its not a first day buy for me.

it does take some getting used to, which i like because it filters out the mw noobs(not the skilled ones, i'm taking about the noobs that proudly have their noob tuber callsign, and kill u with a random grenade launcher right before you get your chopper gunner)

WildArmed3203d ago

did the open beta end?
I haven't played MAG after phase 1-3. I stopped playing for U2 and BCBF2.
I'd like to give their last phase beta a test, but it never runs for me o_O

BiggCMan3203d ago

can someone here tell me why i havnt been able to play it for the past few days? are the servers down or somethin? cuz it keeps tellin me it cant establish a connection with the server, and i never read anything about it ending

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Baba19063203d ago

i absolutly loved it. cant wait to play it again. it felt so right.

raztad3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Love the game. Preordered.

Sony needs to stop talking crap about downloads and put their cheap PR azzes to work on a massive add campaign, many of my friends didnt know about the existence of this game. I know it's hard to push $30 million campaign for every game but sony needs to do better if they want it to be successful.

MAg wont be a hit among kids but it will gather a mature and dedicated fanbase, pretty much alike Socom's. Looking forward to it.

Socomer 19793203d ago

so mag has alot to prove to me.
ive played the beta for a week and just couldnt get into it.
it felt like a step backwards. im still getting it but im hesitant.
it should be cheaper for just a mp only game/

Stationfan3203d ago

I enjoyed the game it, I was awestruck first time I opened up the map display and saw so all the characthers moving about, and how hughe the maps were. I'm definetly getting this this generation Sony has flexed their cojones graphic wise and now network wise.

And to the people not impressed with mag, atleast mag is proof that MMOs are possible on psn network so if Sony doesn't get you know they will later with another project

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