Why Is Modern Warfare 2 Still Topping Charts?

zConnection's Connor Beaton writes: "It's the middle of the week, and if you happened to stroll into a dedicated game retailer or the games aisle in a supermarket, you'd notice Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 being advertised pretty prominently. It's a good money-maker for retailers, as evidenced by its location on last week's UK sales chart. As it has been for quite some time now, Modern Warfare 2 is at the No. 1 spot and shows no inclination of moving down. Below it, we see Wii Fit Plus, Just Dance, Wii Sports Resort and Bayonetta. That's two "hardcore" games in the top five selling games. It's not hard to see that the casual Wii games are still bringing in a lot of cash."

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DavidMacDougall3252d ago

I fought it was cause it takes kids awhile to get the cash together?

hakeem09963251d ago

Funny you guys still b!tching about MW2 .anyway i'm going to play search and destroy now.Have fun people

kornbeaner3252d ago

it's easy, plus word of mouth from casual players who proclaim this to be the best thing ever. Casual players talk about it to their friends and the cycle goes on. My best friend enjoys games but is not a hardcore gamer, he plays MW2 non-stop. Why? cause his cousin and another friend play this game so they told him "get on it, it will be fun" and for him it is. They play together, cheat together and glitch together. He doesn't take the game serious he plays it more to piss people off and get kills just to have fun thats all the game is really good for. Simple fun no more no less.

W-k3251d ago

i agree that's why i play it but I'm a hardcore gamer,a lot of people i know play it so i end up playing it like 5 times a week,i know it's not the best game but its really fun to play with your friends,and not just by your self all the time and that's why i think it's so popular,my uncle has a ps3 just for call of duty and he uses it as a dvd/bluray player too i even go online with him some times not a lot but its still fun.i mean all my friends have mw2 but for some of them who say they wont pick up cod cause they think its stupid and not realistic,well its definitely not realistic,but i wouldn't buy it if none of my friends where interested in it,maybe a rent.but by your self it gets boring fast i point everyone i know said they where getting it so i got it simple as that.tho i enjoyed the single player wasn't as bad as some would say but it ended just like cod4 but with a knife not a gun i have to admit it was in a way epic.I'm much more looking forward to bad company 2.

inbetweener3252d ago

Because the majority of people out there are retards?

3251d ago
KeenanTheSavage3246d ago

because it's a good game and people want to play it.