Sony apologizes to Church of England for using cathedral in Resistance

Sony Corp. apologized to the Church of England for a a bloody shootout scene inside the Sony Playstation game Resistance.

"It was not our intention to cause offense by using a representation of Manchester Cathedral in chapter eight of the work," said Sony in a letter addressed to the church. "If we have done so, we sincerely apologize."

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CyberSentinel4737d ago

Why don't they apologize to all aliens they may have offended as well.

thatguy_04737d ago

It's crazy isn't it? I wonder what the church thinks of Earth Defense force.

RedSeven4737d ago

I agree with you. As an alien myself, I demand an apology from Sony for the portrayal of my species.

nobizlikesnowbiz4737d ago

SHAAA Nanagans!



The next person that say shananagans is getting pistol whipped!

Hey farva whats the name of that restaurant that you like?


RedSeven4737d ago

What does this comment have to do with the news article?

kingofps34737d ago

The church wants to discuss its outstanding demands? "which include withdrawal of the game and a donation to the church’s education department, which works to fight gun violence in Manchester."

Not happening.

Also, the church called for the people of Japan to join in a campaign against the game? Are they feeling alright?

ITR4737d ago

That could actually work in Japan.
RFOM only sold just over 125k in Japan in 31 weeks.

The big PS3 game is Gudam Musou which sold 277k in 17 weeks.

DrWan4737d ago

Tony Blair definately do NOT have a PS3, Sony should take 'wider social responsibility", do you run Folding At Home sir?

talk out of ur asses, these ppl.

caffman4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Its the church of england. Not the catholic church. But what to except from a sony fanboy

Covenant4737d ago

That comment was unwarranted, immature, and insulting.

I don't care if you were kidding. It's NOT FUNNY.

Grow up.

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The story is too old to be commented.