Thunderbolt: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Review

The Crystal Bearers reeks of wasted potential. The plot has a few interesting themes, but plays it safe with a predictable but well-paced save-the-kingdom story. The game would have been far more engaging had it focused more on the combat as opposed to the tacky mini-games for the WiiMote. The combat itself is unreliable; with inconsistent controls and awkward camera, battles becomes a tedious affair. It's not like you'll need to fight anyway. The difficulty level is almost non-existent, AI is laughable, and there's little creativity involved with the development of Layle's powers or the places he explores. Not to mention the headache-inducing backtracking you'll have to endure. It's sad, considering how gorgeous some of parts of this game are. Layle might have the best powers of any Final Fantasy protagonist, but it means nothing when the rest of the game does poorly.

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Is this game already selling at $30!!

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