Design Flaws of the Endgame

James Bishop of TheGameReviews explores how game designers approach epilogues, considering how they apply classical plot structure from other entertainment mediums to the gaming model.

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iTZKooPA3200d ago

So many games have meaty stories till the climax, and then it all just falls apart. Sometimes the game has the boss battle itself be the epilogue (or the boss' death), and many, as the article states, don't even bother. Then there's the hidden epilogues that have to be unlocked, occur after the credits or beaten a second/third time (see Eternal Darkness).

I hate those.

Ixon3200d ago

If you have any thoughts like that about different endings (similar premise for next article), feel free to give me a shout, iTZ.

SlamVanderhuge3200d ago

I usually think that the last battle is the true epilogue to the game, with the post-fight cinematic mostly being wrap-up. But even at that, most of them fail to provide worthy closure.

Worst ending in recent memory: Alone in the Dark. Holy god.

gidzilla3200d ago

Bioshock was a bit dissapointing at the end. Almost like the boss battle wasn't really required.

mr durand pierre3200d ago

This was my biggest gripe about Arkham Asylum and MGS4, for different reasons. I could have forgiven Batman's lame final boss if the epilogue was good, but it was extremely abrupt and left me shrugging my shoulders thinking, "that's it?" In comparison, MGS4's epilogue went on way too long (over an hour, I believe), where a much beloved character shows up to quite literally talk himself to death for 20 min. Both games left a sour aftertaste in my mouth, even though they were two of the finest games I'd ever played up until that point. They didn't ruin the game per se, but held them back from true greatness, imo.

specialguest3200d ago

huh?? I thought it had one of the more satisfying ending in my opinion.

Ixon3200d ago

Do you mean the battle with Ultimecia or the epilogue? ;)

specialguest3200d ago

I meant after beating the final boss.

Ixon3200d ago

Then we agree! At least I think.

I find that not a lot of people actually like FFVIII at all and I usually ask them if they've completed the game.

bozebo3200d ago

ff8 is a tough one
The best imo.. wait no becaus 7 just is even though its not? lol

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