CES 2010 Hands On: Splitfish Dual SFX Evolution controller (Gamertell)

Gamertell has posted its hands-on impressions of Splitfish's Dual SFX Evolution wireless controller demonstrated at CES 2010.

From Gamertell:

"Each controller is highly customizable in that you can set macro's to any button you like. Both controllers also have built-in motion controls that can be turned off at any time. In order to really see how well Splitfish's motion controls were, I played Need for Speed Prostreet."

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SeanScythe3198d ago

this person must be getting paid or didn't use it the controller is crap it doesn't work for anything. CODMW2 sucks and the delay and disconnects are horrible.

mastiffchild3198d ago

Well, this Evolution isn't teir shooter controller but their answer to two hands free controlling in a general sense and you're way better off with the mouse and analog of the Frag FX for COD I think, aren't you?

I've not tried rither and, though I would like a go to see how their two schemes work, one of the reasons I feel console shooters are better than PC shooters(online anyway) is that everyone uses, or used the same basic controller and has the exact same kit at home so there's a fairer test of skill. Also, though I'm a lot better at FPS with a mouse and keyboard I still think it's kind of a poor way to reflect your aiming compared to even analogue sticks as sliding a mouse around is the least tactile method as well as being the furthest removed from real life aiming-it just bears no comparison for me.

Also, about the Splitfish range I've heard ,most gamers will always need to tweak their settings before finding the best out of their controllers. A guy I play R2 co-op with absolutely swears by his, mind, and even uses a simlar device when gaming on PC as he prefers, as I think I might, using a stick rather than keys these days. Certainly something a lot of people might like to have a look at even if they ARE remarkably dear here in the UK-I saw a Frag FX(wired mind you!) for 65quid the other week and the cheapest I've seen any of them was still over 45!

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