Resistance Online Stats Problems?

Seems like many user(including me) on are experiencing problems with their statistics being frozen for the last few days on Resistance: Fall of Man. Could this just be a problem with the Resistance online servers or a sign that the International Patch will be released soon? Maybe the Church of England is attacking the Resistance servers, who knows?

We just have to hope that this problem will be fixed soon.

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gaffyh4739d ago

Btw the source just goes to the general technical forum, because I wrote this news, so no news source to go to, just the 20 odd threads saying "OMG MY STATS ARE FROZEN" are enough.

Kleptic4739d ago

There was a thread around Tuesday on that site talking about this...the site admins said that it may take a few days for some stats to update, but that they are not lost...just not being forwarded to your ps3's address...which makes the myresistance stat list not display new stats either (being that is linked with your ps3's mac address) went on to say that some users stats may drop to 0...but that everything would be back to normal and where they should be soon...

It said it was mostly due to brushing up latency problems on the current servers, allowing slower DSL users to not have problems with certian weapons...Not sure if this is all in prep for the patches that are coming or not...but either way, it should not be long until stuff is fixed...

and i don't know if is all this manchester stuff or not, but Resistance has been totally packed with people lately...All May seemed like you couldn't find many games with more than 16 people in ranked matches pairs you up with near 40 again, even before I leave for work in the morning...

Satanas4739d ago

The stats have had freezing problems before, they usually update eventually though (sometimes takes days).

Lord Anubis4738d ago

once you become supreme commander you loose track of stats, I haven't checked mine in ages.