Raving Rabbids 4, new Driver planned for Ubisoft's fiscal 2010-11

A new Raving Rabbids already? With Ubisoft's latest financial revision citing underperformance in several aspects of its business during 2009 -- including the DS market and "non-casual Wii titles" -- the publisher plans to play it safer during its next fiscal year, starting April 1, 2010. That means "a greater number of franchise releases" and, presumably, a continued effort in the realm of Wii casual games. Naturally, Raving Rabbids 4 (as it's currently titled) ticks both of those boxes.

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sinncross3198d ago

I am pretty sure the new driver has been touted at coming for some time, now... get it done Ubisoft.

mjolliffe3198d ago

I wonder if they're like looking at changing it into a more GTA style game. More action less driving... But then it wouldn't be driver.