EA: We p***ed off a lot of people with Army of Two

EA has admitted to making mistakes with the first Army of Two game, saying "we were able to piss off a lot of people". Army of Two was released in March 2008, a third-person cover-based shooter that focused on two-player co-op action.

Speaking to, EA Montreal boss Alain Tascan admitted the giant games company "got carried away", and people thought killing terrorists for cash in places where "real life our troops are dying" was "wrong".

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nogolis3200d ago

I'd like to know what people would think if instead of killing so called terrorist they were killing blacks or Indians. It's ok to kill whites, Afghans, Indians, the Chinese, Nazi, Terrorist and Japanese but not blacks in videogames? Strange... Doesn't seem... What's the word, fair? Equal? Please.

People are too sensitive and need to get over their butt hurt nature.

RememberThe3573200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

The Resident Evil controversy high lights your point perfectly. Why is it OK to kill middle-eastern or Russian people but not blacks? Because the U.S. refuses to have an actual dialogue about the issue of raise. We all know about the civil rights movement and how it has shaped our nation. People are tired of talking about raise, but the issues are still unresolved. It's a dynamic that has shown it's face once more in the recent controversy over Senator Harry Reed's comments during the '08 elections.

Frankly, if you had a problem with Army of Two's depiction of warfare, you probably have a problem with all war games. Getting payed to kill is was mercenaries do. I killed gangsters in San Andreas yet the controversy in that game was about sex. Young men die every day on the streets yet it wasn't an issue to set a video game there. It's only an issue when you set a game somewhere where there are armies? The double standard is amazing. These are just video games they don't make us think less of our troops and don't make us think death and murder are OK. I'm growing tired of all the sackless people in this country.

topdawg1223199d ago

Totally agree, the race issue is something that should be brought to the table. Sadly I think we are going to have to wait until the older generation dies off (as awful as that sounds!) for people to finally get a good comprehension of race. This goes for all race and cultures btw

nogolis3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I wonder if a black man was faced with a moral decision... Such as, I don't know --

It's the end of humanity as we know it... There are two groups of people huddled together in separate divisions. A black man is brought before them.

The 1st group is an equal mix of every race on the planet. Men and Woman alike. The 2nd group is all of African American decent. He is asked to choose which group will live on and prosper and which group will die.

Which group do you think he'd pick.....?

Nothing is equal in this society. At all. It's me and me and me and me and me again. Over and over. The standard here are people like Jesse Jackson crying foul because Blacks were getting shot in Uncharted... Yet nothing is made of everyone shooting Arabs in COD4. It's bull$#*T! They're people too, like their ideology or not. They are humanbeings with rights. Equal rights.

bruddahmanmatt3199d ago

I dunno about you folks but when it comes to video games pissing me off, mediocre gameplay, a mediocre story and a mediocre effort do more to get on my nerves than shooting a group of people deemed "off limits" due to some current real world situation. This sounds like a BS excuse from EA if you ask me. Rather than man up and admit that the game wasn't all that great (it wasn't horrible either) from a gameplay standpoint, they chalk up the negative feedback to an imaginary racial or cultural issue. GTFO. Ao2 wasn't a great game, end of story. It wasn't the worst game in the world, but it was far from the best.

kalebgray923199d ago

no one cares about army of two.... trying to create controversy themselves .... fail.... the demo for the 40th day was the worst ever

Baka-akaB3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I cant believe the first posters are even debating based on that crap spewed by EA ...

Hardly anyone was offended by Amy of Two ... because no one cared .

The game at least didnt make the splash it promised with a pretty meh gameplay and not so memorable co-op .

This is the reason of the game's average/mild success , not some resentment toward it's themes or crass humor .

And apparently even less people cared about the second game based on a better gameplay in the demo , but still nothing groundbreaking . Seriously no one . I only see EA talking about it , and some of the press happily letting them do their pitiful PR attempt .

Death3199d ago

The two are not the same. You can be a black or white Russian, American, terrorist, etc. You can also be 'black" and be middle eastern. The statement by EA was in regards to the first game which took place in real life locations and dealt with real life wars going on. The mercs in the game could be found offensive to the service men and women fighting in these wars. The 40th day corrected this by creating an antagonist with no national affiliation.

I had a blast with the first Army of Two and the 40th day so far has exceeded my expectations and is a lot of fun. Feel free to hate on the game all you want, but give it a try before bashing it so you sound like less of an idiot.


aaronisbla3199d ago

Back then i couldn't really grasp the idea but it makes a lot of sense to me know.

He said " there are only 3 races, black, white and yellow, every person can fall into one of these"

I kinda agree with him.

i do think some of you are confusing race with nationality like Death said. Hell, i know some black Jewish people ( which raises another question, is being Jewish a racial thing or a religious thing? i've wondered this often )

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Blaze9293200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Since when has pissed become a curse word needing *s to fill in?

Anyway, they are going to piss off a lot more people with The 40th Day and its crappy aiming.

Serjikal_Strike3200d ago

that its only a 5hr campaign...and the online is full of issues!

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