Overlord: Life Force Harvesting Video

Codemasters has released a new video showing off the Life Force Harvesting in Overlord. Overlord is due out later this month, but while your waiting be sure to check out the demo that is currently up on the marketplace.

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Excalibur4232d ago

One of these videos has me cracking up. This is gonna be a fun game to play just for the humor factor alone.

QUNE4232d ago

is really fun. Can't decide if I want to buy or not though.

Numark4232d ago

This game is very funny and fun to play (loved the demo). I was planning on buying this game for sure, but with so many games coming out, looks like I am going to rent it and play the heck out of it.

ryanjtravis4232d ago

What a cool, fun little game. I was not that interested in it, but after playing the demo I'm pumped for it to come out.

Great stuff. :)