Why Was GT5 Delayed in Japan?

GTPlanet examines the theories behind Gran Turismo 5's postponed Japanese release.

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Bot Smasha3253d ago

Cause its gonna blow peoples minds so much they need to make sure people can handle it , also its smarter to leave the final fantasy effect wear off before releasing another big title in japan.

mjolliffe3253d ago

Simultaneous release Worldwide is my guess...

nycredude3253d ago

Analysts suspect that there may be a strategy behind the delay and that Sony is working to spread the effect of a strong games pipeline over a longer period. The recent Japanese launch of Final Fantasy XIII shifted many more PS3 consoles than expected and performed beyond expectations outside Japan. (It wasn't release outside of Japan!)

If Sony felt that it had already met its console sales targets for its 2009 financial year, analysts said, it might want to push the GT5 launch back a little so that the frenzy surrounding its eventual launch would boost sales in the 2010 financial year. The company may be confident that titles such as God of War 3, Dark Rain (What is Dark Rain?) and Bayonetta will keep console sales relatively buoyant through the spring period.

If you are an analyst at least get the information right so you don't look like an ass!

Dutch Boogie3253d ago

off topic:

This is a comment from AMZ on gtplanet.

January 13th, 2010 at 1:37 pm

"Come on Sony you are breaking my heart here ! every time I get close and full of hopes , you take the hope away . Sorry for that guys but there are no racing games on the ps3 ! , and my damn xbox had to break before I could buy forza3 , but since gt is way off “again” I will buy a new xbox and forza 3 , and back to the subject , I think the third one is the correct one ."

Thus further proving the point many people are still buying 360 due to system failure which in turn keeps the console relevant.

On topic:

I wish Sony would hurry the f... up seriously.

Raoh3253d ago

simultaneous international release would make sense, and something had to give this spring

PirateThom3253d ago


My take is that Sony had to delay something and it might well be the biggest game since it has no competition. God of War is competing against a few others in the same genre, Heavy Rain is competing against bias and idiots who think it's only QTE. Basically, the "delay" is only bringing GT5 in line with the rest of the world in terms of release.

bjornbear3253d ago

international release

no need to compete with other exclusives ( like GOWIII and Last Guardian )

End of march - new fiscal year?

you name it.