Namco announces 3 new PS3 games

Bandai Namco Games revises product list

15.06.07 - Bandai Namco Games updated its Japanese product list for the PS3. Therefore are seven plays in work:

- Tekken 6 (flogging play)
- Beautiful Katamari Damacy (Action)
- Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection on-line one (flogging play)
- Time Crisis 4 (pistol Shooter)
- New game of roles
- New Shooting play
- New sport play

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SmokeyMcBear4731d ago

ok so wait, does this mean katamari is NOT 360 exclusive, AND the ps3 gets 3 new games, nice

CrazzyMan4731d ago

more and more games! =)

p.s. katamari went multiplatform =)

ChaosKnight4730d ago

They only added Time Crisis to the list... everything else is the same from along time ago.

Satanas4730d ago

I was a little confused when I first saw it too, but it was just referring to these 3 unnamed titles:
"- New game of roles
- New Shooting play
- New sport play"

Hope that clears that up.

ChaosKnight4730d ago

No that's not what i meant. The 3 titles have always been on the page ever since the PS3 selection was up... I dunno why that would be news.

Satanas4730d ago

Oh. I never saw the page before, but it seemed like that was the case. Still untitled so we've no idea what they are as yet though.

Maddens Raiders4730d ago

all I need is AC6. Now give it here!lol

SmokeyMcBear4730d ago

Madden.. now that is called an obsession. How bout them Raiders man, Training Camp in a couple of weeks, gonna hit up Napa and check out how they are doing. Its looking like a positive year.

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The story is too old to be commented.