Netflix on Wii Won't Challenge Microsoft, Sony

As expected, the Nintendo Wii will shortly become the third current-generation video game console to pipe Netflix videos to millions of potential US homes. The service, which requires a special no-cost disc to access Netflix's videos, will allow Wii owners with basic Netflix subscriptions ($9 a month) or higher to instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes at whim. What's more, unlike Microsoft Xbox LIVE subscribers who pay $50 a year for the same privilege, access through Nintendo's console won't cost a thing--it's free to anyone with a Wii and a broadband link.

Sound like a deal? It should be, given Nintendo's massive 26 million install base in the US (roughly a third more than Microsoft's Xbox 360). And it would be, save for one niggling quandary:

The Wii can't do high-def.

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If I wanted to go back to netflix I can come back for $4.95 a month . I thought this was going to be the awesome video service the bots were bragging about . But after having it for 1 day i cancel that shlt. Why would I want to watch old azz movies for instant streaming. Where the fk are the new arrivals for instant streaming . The video and audio is awful . and yes i have a sony bravia with 7.1 surround . I rather get my shlt from psn video service . 1080p with 5.1...real HD BOTS